Events for Primary Schools

Civic Literacy Project

Years: Primary
Location: In your school
Duration: Varied

The Civic Literacy Project is an exciting school-based academic-led outreach initiative for Primary School students. 

Generally, the project involves a member of staff from the Politics Department visiting the school and leading a class in a group project over a series of weeks on the broad theme of 'citizenship'.

Arabic in Action

Years: 6-11
Location: In your school
Duration: varied

Immerse your students in Arabic culture, language and history!

Your students will receive a series of interactive workshops delivered by Arabic-speaking staff and students from the university. This exciting programme is aimed at year groups 6 -11 and will be delivered in your school.

Discover Arabic

Years: 7-11
Location: At the university
Duration: 1 day

Would your students like to learn how to greet each other in Arabic, write their names or even have the opportunity to taste Arabic cuisine?