3 year PhD studentship from the Food and Environment Research Agency

This full-time PhD studentship jointly funded by the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) and the Centre for Rural Policy Research at the University of Exeter will seek to apply an Ecosystems Approach to envisioning the future of the ‘Land between the Moors’ in north Devon and Cornwall. It will do so by seeking to assess the current state and trends of ecosystem services in this region and how they may change under different scenarios for the future.  The research will explore the potential to apply monetary and non-monetary valuations of service provision at the sub-regional scale and link these assessments and valuations to the principles and techniques of stakeholder deliberation and participation. In doing so the research is intended to elaborate further on the problems and prospects of rolling out government agendas for an Ecosystems Approach at the local level. (applications closed 4 July 2012). (link to application)

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