EU Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate

Susan Banducci, Department of Politics at the University of Exeter, has been awarded an EU Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate (EID) grant titled ‘Industry and Doctoral Training in Vote Advice Applications’. 

Three early stage researchers (post graduate) will be recruited by Exeter and they will divide their time between Exeter and Kieskompas, the industry partner based in Amsterdam.   Dan Stevens, Gabriel Katz-Wisel (both Politics) and Sam Vine (Sport and Health Science) are co-investigators at Exeter.  Total EU funding 853,792 euros. 

About the project

Surveys and the analyses of survey responses are the bread and butter of research into the most challenging social problems.   However, the random probability sample survey is sensitive to changes in both technology and lifestyle.  From increases in personal wealth, higher mobility, language diversity brought about by immigration and technological changes such as the introduction and widespread adoption of mobile phones has led to challenging methodological issues for survey research.  This training network merges technological advances in online tools with state of the art research on political behaviour to develop new methodologies and techniques for collecting and analysing social data to address this challenge in social research.

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