Hannah Arendt, Screening in collaboration with Politics Society and Department of Politics.

Hannah Arendt - The Movie - 6.00 & 9pm Tuesday 29 October 2013 M&D Room


Screening in collaboration with Politics Society and Department.

The 6pm screening includes a panel discussion, feature begins at 6.30pm

2012/NR/113min/German w. subtitles

Dir: Maragethe von Trotta

Cast: Barbara Sukowa, Axel Milberg, Janet McTeer

This biopic of the titular Jewish-German philosopher and theorist throws the intellectual, political, and human rights discussions of the decades following World War II into the spotlight. Barbara Sukowa gives a masterful performance as Arendt, who reported for the New Yorker on Adolf Eichmann’s war crimes trial and whose writings generated controversy from her portrayals of both Eichmann and the Jewish councils. Her interactions with other leading philosophers, novelists, and reporters of the day intertwine with the trail as she develops her concept of ‘the banality of evil’. The screening will be preceded by an exciting panel talk with our own politics lecturers.

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