SWDTC Advanced Training Programme - Workshops and Master Classes in theoretical and normative-oriented research: The study of Democracy, Ideology and the Global Order.

This Programme of events offers advanced research training to students working in normative and theory-oriented subjects and to those whose empirical research deals with theory-laden concepts such as democracy, non-domination, and the global order. 

The events are intended both as an exploration of substantive issues across different disciplines and sub-disciplines in social research (political theory, law, philosophy, comparative politics, international relations), and as a way of reflecting on different approaches and methods (analytical, ideological, epistemic, socio-cultural) used in the study of these issues. One particular question that underlines all events is how to distinguish substantive and methodological issues in studying theoretical and normative-oriented questions.

  1. Monday  28 October 2013, Exeter, Reed Hall: 6.30-9.00pm.

The epistemic approach to democratic theory

Master Class of Hélène Landemore (Yale). Author of Democratic Reason (Princeton University Press, 2013).

2. Wednesday 20 November 2013, Exeter, Building One: 3.00-6.00pm.

Republicanism and the concept of non-domination: Between Ideological and conceptual analysis

Workshop with the participation of Cécile Laborde (UCL); Lucy Series (Cardiff), Ruth Kinna (Loughborough), and Alex Prichard (Exeter)

3. Wednesday 27 November 2013, Exeter, Building One: 2.00-5.00pm.

The Concept of Boundaries: Law and Politics in a Global Setting

Workshop on Hans Lindhal (Tilburg), Fault lines of globalization: Legal order and the politics of a-legality (OUP, 2013), with the participation also of David Owen (Southampton).

4. Wednesday 11 December 2013, Exeter, Amory 219:

 Prosopographical and socio-cultural network approaches to the study of political debate

Master Class with Emilie Frenkiel (Paris XII), author of Conditional Democracy:
The Contemporary Debate on Political Reform in Chinese Universities (ECPR Press, 2014; and in French, PUF 2014)

5. Wednesday 14 May 2014, Exeter, Building One: 3.00-6.00pm.

The contractualist approach to democracy and democratic justice

Workshop on Albert Weale (UCL) Democratic Justice and the Social Contract (OUP, 2013), with the participation also of Chris Bertram (Bristol) [TBC], Matt Matravers (York) [TBC], Ian O’Flynn (Newcastle), Chiara Cordelli (Exeter), and Dario Castiglione (Exeter).

Staff and students of institutions participating in the SWTDC can normally claim travel expenses for participation in any of these events.   For further information, please, contact either Dario Castiglione or Torsten Michel in advance of the event.


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