New Directions in Agri-Environmental Governance - a workshop in Neuchâtel

On 28 and 29 May 2019, Professor Michael Winter OBE was one of the invited speakers at a workshop at the Institut d’Ethnologie in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

The Search for Deliberative Democracy in Asia – Exeter Contribute to High Profile Conference

The University of Exeter was represented by Dr Catherine Owen, a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, whose research compares the production of active citizenship in Russia and China

Guild Teaching Awards 2019

The College performed extremely well in the Guild Teaching Awards 2019.

What we know about how political parties use Facebook advertising – and what we don’t

Dr Sam Power, lecturer in politics at the University of Exeter, writes for the Conversation UK

Third Year Politics student presents her dissertation at the Politics Studies Association Undergraduate Conference

Jazzlyne, final year BA International Relations student, reflects on her experience presenting her undergraduate dissertation.

New electoral regulations must tackle “inequalities” caused by political advertising on Facebook

Regulators must find a way of monitoring and addressing the way political advertising on Facebook creates new types of inequalities for campaigners, experts have said.

Local elections: ‘disaster for local democracy’ as hundreds of seats go uncontested

Joanie Willet, lecturer in poltics at the University of Exeter, writes for the Conversation UK 

Michael Winter warns of the need to take care with the future of farming when designing new policies for post-Brexit rural land use

Government policies across the UK increasingly connect objectives for farming with the environment and broader natural capital approaches (e.g. 25 Year Environment Plan, Agriculture Bill). However, any discussion around natural capital and farming requires a farming system that improves or maintains natural capital against a backdrop of pressures such as environmental change, economic uncertainty and BREXIT.

Social Sciences Alumni Return for Q&A and Networking with Exeter Scholars Students

A panel of alumni from the College of Social Sciences and International Studies attended an Exeter Scholars event, answering questions posed by Year 12 students on this prestigious programme, followed by a round table networking session.

‘Greek Social Movements between Past and Present’ Conference, Co-convened by Rori Lamprini

On behalf of the University of Exeter, Dr Rori Lamprini is co-convening this international conference, 5-6 April 2019, Athens

Brexit is not a retreat into isolationism – survey suggests public remains committed to global security role

Jason Reifler, Professor of Political Science at the University of Exeter, writes for the Conversation UK

Penryn academics contribute to Environmental Audit Committee Report ‘Fixing Fashion: Clothing Consumption & Sustainability’

Led by Professor Clare Saunders with Dr Joanie Willett the research considers what is needed to facilitate behavioural change.  

Alison Harcourt takes part in debate over new media policy challenges for the EU

EU Talks: “New media policy challenges posed by the new content and distribution platforms: the EU at the crossroads”

Controversial science critics who turn into believers can sway others, research shows

People who experience their own “Road to Damascus” moment over hotly-debated scientific issues can then become key advocates on the subject, new research has shown.

Qualitative Methods Summer Training

We are offering offer two tailored 5-day (1 week) qualitative methods modules at our beautiful Cornwall campus.

EU funding failed to win hearts and minds and prevent Brexit vote

People in one of the poorest parts of the UK voted for Brexit despite being given billions of pounds of EU cash because they don’t feel the funding improved their lives, according to a new report.

Like Greece, Brexit negotiations leave the UK a rule taker from the EU

Dr Athanassios GouglasLecturer in Politics and Public Policy at the University of Exeter, writes for the Conversation UK

Reaction to the Publication of the Modernising Defence Programme – Dr David Blagden, Strategy and Security Institute, University of Exeter

The Ministry of Defence has finally published an outcomes report from its long-awaited Modernising Defence Programme (MDP). 

Activating Party Membership – new report by Sam Power

New research provides practical guidance on how political organisations can recruit, activate and retain members

Dr Eva Thomann delivering Winter School Research Methods training at ECPR

Eva Thomann will be teaching two courses at the renowned winter school of methods and techniques of the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR).

Lamprini Rori to lead research into Political Violence in Greece

Dr Rori has been awarded funding from the LSE Hellenic Observatory to lead a research project "Low-intensity violence in crisis-ridden Greece: evidence from the radical right and the radical left".

Young adults discuss consent and rape culture at Festival of Social Science event

As part of the Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) Festival of Social Science (FOSS), Lecturer in Politics, Dr Sarah Cooper, in collaboration with Professor Claire Dunlop and Dr Owen Thomas, hosted a public engagement event to explore the construction of consent in the courtroom. 

Dr Nils-Christian Bormann joins Editorial Board of International Interactions.

The journal is a leading interdisciplinary journal that publishes original empirical, analytic, and theoretical studies of conflict and political economy.

Voters would have forgiven Cameron for failing to hold an EU referendum, study shows

Many voters would have forgiven David Cameron if he had failed to deliver on his campaign promise to hold an EU referendum, a study suggests.

Politics research into the politicisation of ethnic identity on the eve of elections in Africa

Dr Elena Gadjanova recently delivered an invited paper at the Centre for African Studies, University of Edinburgh.

Exeter Politics Academic speaks to pupils about the EU’s relations with the Middle East and North Africa

Dr Irene Fernandez-Molina speaks to school pupils in Salisbury about the EU’s relations with the Middle East and North Africa.

University of Exeter expert contributes to Government’s bovine TB strategy review

A University of Exeter expert has contributed to the review of the Government’s 25 Year Bovine TB Strategy.

Political participation of the Greek diaspora: Exeter academic co-organises conference in Athens

Dr Lamprini Rori co-organised conference on the political participation of the Greek diaspora in national political affairs

Joe Foweraker delivers talks on Polity, Populism and Dysfunctional Public Policy

Professor Joe Foweraker, Honorary Professor at Exeter University, and Emeritus Fellow of St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford, recently gave a series of talks to faculty and postgraduate students in Austin, Texas.

Exeter Public Policy and Administration academics present at a House of Lords Workshop

On 7 November Dr Sarah Cooper presented a paper at a House of Lords Workshop.

Arron Banks investigated over £8m given to the Brexit campaign – what can this even buy you?

Dr Sam Power, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Exeter, writes for the Conversation UK

Echo Chambers Persist in Climate Politics, Exeter Research Shows

Information sharing among climate elite changes over time but still highly polarised

Alison Harcourt becomes Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Professor Alison Harcourt has been awarded the prestigious honour of becoming a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Dr Owen Thomas awarded grant to conduct research on London Bridge terrorist attack and the Grenfell Tower Fire Killings

Along with co-investigator Victoria Basham (Cardiff), Owen Thomas has been awarded a British Academy Small Grant, entitled A Tale of Two Cities? Elite and Everyday Narratives of Security and Responsibility in the Grenfell and London Bridge killings.

Innuendo alone can fuel conspiracy theories, research shows

Innuendo alone in news coverage can fuel belief in conspiracy theories, according to a new study.

College of Social Sciences and International Studies Alumni Engage with Exeter Scholars Students

On Wednesday 12 September, a panel of alumni from the College of Social Sciences and International Studies attended an Exeter Scholars event, answering questions posed by Year 13 students on this prestigious programme, followed by a networking session.

Experiencing extreme weather is not enough to convince climate change sceptics

Experiencing extreme weather is not enough to convince climate change sceptics that humans are damaging the environment, a new study shows.

Exeter PA Scholars participate at the European Group for Public Administration Annual Conference in Lausanne, Sept 2018

Exeter Public Administration Scholars participated in European Group for Public Administration’s (EGPA) 40th Annual Conference, which took place this year in Lausanne, 3-7 September, attended by over 500 participants from around the world.

Research partners join forces to develop a new sustainable way of managing tourism across four Biosphere Reserves in France and England

A cutting-edge project to increase the economic value of tourism while reducing its potential environmental impact is underway in the four Unesco Biosphere Reserves of the Channel region. Professors Matt Lobley and Michael Winter and Dr Tim Wilkinson will be representing the CRPR as a lead partner in this project.

ESCAS2019 Exeter: The Globality of Central Asia

European Society for Central Asian Society Conference 2019 to be hosted by Exeter.

Preventing Transnational Repression, Protecting Human Rights Ideas for the Future?

A workshop organised by the Exeter Central Asian Studies Network was held at Exeter University on 21 June 2018.

Exeter Central Asian Studies network joined by Muhiddin Kabiri at Chatham House

On the 20 June 2018 the Exeter Central Asian Studies network were delighted to be joined by Muhiddin Kabiri at the “Political Exiles and Transnational Repression in Central Asia and Beyond” workshop. 

Roundtable on Eurasian Integration brings together scholars and policy-makers in St Petersburg

On 31 May and 1 June, Dr David Lewis and Dr Catherine Owen organised and presented at an international roundtable entitled ‘Eurasian Integration and Public Administration’ as part of the annual Forum on Public Administration organised by the St Petersburg branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). 

British farmers could play a key role in helping to promote better public health

British farmers could find business opportunities and help promote better public health

Defence Spending and Power Projection: Signals to Key Allies in the Context of Brexit

Dr Catarina Thomson discusses her research on public attitudes to defence spending on the BBC

ESRC Workshop on Civil Society Participation in Internet Governance – 23rd May 2018, Brussels

Final workshop of the Project led by Professor Alison Harcourt, 'International Profession Fora: A study of civil society organisation participation in internet governance.

Faculty and Researchers to deliver bite-size food talks at the River Cottage Food Fair

Faculty and PhD researchers from the Centre for Rural Policy Research will take part in the Food for Thought Stage on Sunday 27 May as part of the River Cottage Food Fair

MPA with Applied Study students visit the UK Met Office

Students found out about the important work the Met Office’s International Development Team is doing around the world to provide information to improve planning to protect against natural disasters and extreme weather. 

CAIS (Centre for Advanced International Studies) organises a one-day event entitled “World Order(s) in Crisis?” bringing together some of the most prominent scholars in the discipline.


Master’s students from the Centre for Rural Policy Research visit Rothamsted Research world leading experimental research farm

As part of the Knowledge Exchange module, Master’s students went on a field trip to Rothamsted Research’s North Wyke Farm Platform near Okehampton.  

Alison Harcourt gives opening speech at Global Internet Governance Actors, Regulations, Transactions and Strategies conference

Alison’s talk considered new and crucial questions concerning internet governance in a context in which connectivity infrastructure is constantly expanding, and internet access is incessantly growing across countries, regions and socio-political contexts

Exeter to host Ninth Annual ECPR Summer School on Interest Group Politics

Book by 2 July 2018.

Claudio Radaelli becomes Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

Congratulations Claudio!

Dr Christopher Phillips, author of the acclaimed book ‘The Battle for Syria – International Rivalry in the Middle East’ visits Exeter

The Centre for Advanced International Studies (CAIS) recently hosted a talk by Dr Christopher Phillips

Exeter Students meet Foreign and Commonwealth Delegation

The University of Exeter welcomes a delegation from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office onto our Streatham Campus. 

Britain’s security experts want increased defence spending, new survey shows

Britain’s future military commanders and staff officers want the Government to increase defence spending, new research shows.

Exeter Students meet Foreign and Commonwealth Delegation

The University of Exeter welcomes a delegation from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office onto our Streatham Campus. 

Five Exeter academics awarded British Academy funding

Five University of Exeter academics have been awarded prestigious funding from the British Academy, the national body for the humanities and social sciences.

University of Exeter expert appointed to bovine tuberculosis strategy review

University of Exeter rural policy expert, Professor Michael Winter, has been appointed by the Defra Secretary of State, Michael Gove, to the Government’s bovine tuberculosis Strategy Review.

Innuendo and pointing suspicion in news coverage can fuel conspiracy theories, research shows

Innuendo and hinting at fake information in news coverage is enough to fuel belief in conspiracy theories, new research shows.

Strategy and Security Institute Celebrates New Partnership in Brazil

The Strategy and Security Institute (SSI) have entered into a new relationship with the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), one of Brazil’s foremost academic institutions

University of Exeter to play key role in £20 million Institute of Coding

University part of new consortium announced by Prime Minister to train next generation of digital specialists

The Italian national elections 2018: What is at stake?

Event Hosted by the Centre for European Governance

Dr Catherine Owen awarded certificate of Outstanding Academic Merit by the British Academy

Postdoctoral prize wininng research on welfare reform and civic participation in local governance in Russia and China

Trump’s cut to funding for Palestinian refugees could lead to disaster

Professor Dumper writes in Guardian Opinion

New tool allows farmers to compare their environmental impacts

Farmers can now compare their business’s impact on the environment using a new tool designed to help them operate in a more sustainable and productive way.

Experts advise government on 25-year environment plan

Degradation of the natural environment has to be reversed partly because it underpins economic growth and social wellbeing, experts say.

Reform “grossly unfair” farm subsidies, expert says

“Grossly unfair” farm subsidies should be replaced with a new system, a University of Exeter expert has told the government.

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to University of Exeter academic

Anti-nuclear campaigners, including a University of Exeter academic, have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Generations come together to discuss Brexit and the UK’s future in Europe

On Thursday 29 June, an event which brought together retired/semi-retired citizens as well as secondary school aged children, ‘Brexit: A discussion of the UK’s future in Europe’, took place.

Expert on the legal regulation of parties appointed to international advisory body

Nicole Bolleyer, Professor of Comparative Politics, has been appointed for a four-year term to the Core Group of Experts on Political Parties of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) belonging to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

Exeter Public Administration ranked 29th!

Exeter Public Administration ranked 29th globally in the 2017 Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects! 

Politics faculty make an impact at this year’s APSA

University of Exeter Politics faculty are contributing a total of 25 papers and sessions at the prestigious American Political Science Association (APSA) conference this year in San Francisco, California (31 Aug-3 Sept 2017).

New data experts graduate from the University of Exeter

The first of a new generation of social science students trained how to analyse vast amounts of data while completing degrees in politics or sociology have graduated from the University of Exeter.

Exeter workshop addresses ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ challenges and opportunities

Scholars from prestigious Chinese institutions including Tsinghua University have visited the University of Exeter for a discussion of China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

One year on from the EU referendum, Brexit voters describe themselves as middle class, educated but dissatisfied with life

A year since the vote to leave the European Union, new research has found that Brexit voters are more likely to describe themselves as middle class, educated and fed up, rather than angry and working class.

New website to help voters make General Election choice

Voters struggling to decide where to put their mark on the ballot paper in the General Election can get advice from a new website which allows them to compare promises made by politicians.

New Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the University of Sydney

The MoU seeks to foster closer collaboration between Exeter’s Politics Department and the Sydney Democracy Network, an internationally influential network of researchers, activists, and policy makers. 

Research Session for the Regulatory Scrutiny Board of the Commission: A new format for engagement and co-production of knowledge

Professors Claire Dunlop and Claudio Radaelli brought together researchers from six European universities to present their most important inter-disciplinary findings and discuss challenging topics in the field of regulatory quality and EU law-making.

Exeter Politics has two of the most central political scientists in the world

Oliver James and Claudio Radaelli are amongst the top 20 most central political science authors in the world

The University of Exeter has co-organised a workshop on Populism at the prestigious Fudan University in China.

Exeter academics from both the College of Social Sciences and International Studies and the College of Humanities came together with their counterparts at Fudan.

Politics academics complete high profile visit to Korea.

The visit helped to reinforce and celebrate the excellent relationship that Exeter enjoys with the South Korean Government.

Cabinet Minister visits University - and gives students tips on how to become an MP

Cabinet Minister David Lidington visited the University of Exeter today and met academics who have given evidence to Parliament and students studying politics and history.

Republicans less likely to be critical about Obamacare when reminded about their own medical needs

US Republican voters are less likely to be critical about the performance of the controversial “Obamacare” health reforms when they are reminded about their own medical needs, new research shows.

PhD studentships for September 2017 entry announced

We’re delighted to announce four PhD studentships supervised by LEEP colleagues, which are funded thanks to our links with external research partners, The John Oldacre Foundation, and our alumni.

Simulation of the EU’s handling of the refugee crisis by undergraduate students

The aim of the simulation is to work with real-life situations and to provide an opportunity for students to engage with and directly apply the materials they have learnt.

University of Exeter expert urges Government to implement new laws to protect the environment

Progress on the Government’s long term plan for the environment is too slow and politicians should act more quickly to safeguard our natural resources, a University of Exeter expert has said.

University of Exeter expert urges Government to implement new laws to protect the environment

Progress on the Government’s long term plan for the environment is too slow and politicians should act more quickly to safeguard our natural resources, a University of Exeter expert has said.

Inaugural Global Regulatory Impact Assessment Awards in cooperation with the World Bank

The World Bank Group announced the launch of their inaugural Global Regulatory Impact Assessment Awards a few days ago. This is a collaboration between World Bank and our Centre for European Governance. See their announcement here:

LEEP academic involved in 'Food and the Circular Economy South West' workshops

The workshops will be explore the opportunities and challenges for SME food and drink processors, specifically bakery and dairy processors, in the South West in transitioning towards the circular economy (CE) – as well as evaluating the CE concept itself.

Experts secure £5m to protect the South West’s natural capital

A partnership of three research institutions, led by the University of Exeter, has secured a £5m award to help protect the beautiful natural resources and the jobs dependent on them in the South West.

Top Think Tank visits Exeter for Research Networking and Partnership Building

On Saturday 3 December, the University of Exeter welcomed a senior delegation from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

Brexit Divisions III: Business and Trade after Brexit

Professor Alison Harcourt is taking part in an afternoon of debate and discussion, 'Brexit Divisions III: Business and Trade after Brexit' at the UCL European Institute

Alison Harcourt ran a large conference at the House of Commons.

This was the first of two conferences covering the Digital Single Market.

The Prince of Wales praises work of University of Exeter farming experts

The Prince of Wales has praised the work of University of Exeter experts to help support small family farms.

Iceland's crowd sourced constitution, the anarchist take

The disconnect between voters and politicians has been cited as the cause of many current challenges in modern politics, from Brexit to the growth in support for extremist views around Europe.

Anarchy Rules! Exeter researcher to speak at conference opened by President of Iceland

Alex Prichard will be visiting Reykjavik for three days from the 18 - 20 October for a series of talks and discussions on the relevance of anarchist theory to contemporary politics.

Professor Doug Stokes examines rising non-Western states, global shifts in economic power, illiberal non-state actors and the deep seated political, social and racial problems in the US

Professor Stokes is working with City University's Inderjeet Parmar and Princeton's John Ikenberry on a new project entitled Ordering the World? Liberal Internationalism in Theory and Practice.

University of Exeter student success in international awards

University of Exeter social sciences students have been successful in an academic competition referred to as the “junior Nobel Prize”.

New Nuffield award hopes to influence the future of British farming

Nuffield Farming is awarding University of Exeter academic, Professor Michael Winter, with a Scholarship to study for the first Nuffield Farming Lecture. 

Rural policy expert appointed as Government advisor

University of Exeter rural policy expert Professor Michael Winter OBE has been appointed as a Government advisor to help protect England’s natural environment.

Theresa May’s support highest among 'Bregretful' Conservatives

New Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed her commitment to Brexit, but she is liked most by Conservative voters who regret voting to leave, a new survey suggests.

University of Exeter agricultural economist awarded honorary doctorate

A University of Exeter expert has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the Royal Veterinary College for his outstanding contribution to promoting animal health and welfare.

Major study reveals steep decline in number of small family farms

A major new independent study commissioned by The Prince’s Countryside Fund into the future of small family farms across the UK, has revealed a steep decline in numbers since the beginning of the century.

Further improvements to recruitment, retention and training of Army Reserve Forces needed

Improvements to the way that Army Reserve Forces are trained and supported are needed if recruitment targets are to be met.

University of Exeter experts to provide crucial advice to farmers, government and communities

Senior politicians have welcomed work by University of Exeter academics to promote smart decision-making which will safeguard the environment.

New research shows South West farmers concerned by Brexit

Farmers have expressed concern about the unknown implications of Britain leaving the European Union, according to a new survey by experts at the University of Exeter.

University to chair EU referendum discussions

Experts from the University of Exeter are to host a special two-part discussion series about whether the UK should stay or leave the European Union.

Politics academic wins PADEMIA award for outstanding research on parliamentary democracy in Europe

Dr Sandra Kröger and her co-author Professor Richard Bellamy have been awarded the 2016 PADEMIA Research award for Outstanding Research on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe in the category journal article. 

ISIS propaganda collected in real time

University of Exeter experts will collect large amounts of propaganda put on the internet by Islamic State terrorists in real time to understand how it radicalises people.

Politics academic runs natural environment management workshop with Scottish decision makers

Dr Duncan Russel ran a workshop, with colleagues from the University of East Anglia and the James Hutton Institute, which brought together a range of representatives Scottish organisations responsible for managing the natural environment. 

Exeter’s Q-Step Centre launches video series to offer quantitative methods lessons in an accessible and innovative way

The video series comprises 9 videos where researchers talked through one of their seminar papers and explained the methods they used

Politics and International Relations Success at the Teaching Awards 2016

The University of Exeter’s best lecturers were recognised by students at the Teaching Awards 2016 on 28 April, and three academic staff in our Politics and International Relations department were recognised for their contribution to their students’ experience.

MPA student publishes op-ed article in the Jakarta Post

Arif Budy Pratama was inspired by the lecturers on the MPA programme and through his article is hoping to introduce an alternative to the government in shaping public policy in Indonesia. 

LEEP aims and activities: talks available

Members of LEEP gave an overview of the institute’s aims and activities to a packed audience of environmental economists, on Friday 18 March 2016, at envecon 2016, at the Royal Society, London.

Transatlantic link to help protect the environment

University of Exeter experts will collaborate with colleagues in the USA to work to protect our environment.

‘Ask the Experts’ about the EU referendum at the University of Exeter

Leading experts will be able to help people make an informed decision as they decide how to cast their vote in the UK’s referendum at an event in Exeter.

The viability of the UK small farm – a call for evidence

As part of research commissioned by The Prince's Countryside Fund we are holding workshops with interested parties and in advance of these workshops we are inviting the submission of written evidence.

New study to investigate impact of lobbying

Experts will investigate whether wealthy individuals and groups really do control political decisions as part of a new study.

Professor Matt Lobley awarded Associate membership of the Royal Agricultural Societies

Professor Lobley's award was for his very considerable contribution to the well being of the land based sector - particularly in the areas of retirement & succession planning.

Succession planning service launched to help farms stay in the family

Professor Matt Lobley joined a panel of farm succession planning experts to lead a debate, 'Playing the generation game', at NFU’s annual Conference in Birmingham.

University of Exeter environment expert appointed to advise the Government

A University of Exeter academic has been appointed as an advisor to help the Government develop and implement a new 25-year plan for the environment.

Simulation of the EU’s handling of the refugee crisis by undergraduate students in Politics and International Relations

The aim of simulations is to work with real-life situations and to provide an opportunity for students to engage with and directly apply the materials they have learnt.

Exeter alumnus in Foreign Affairs: Breaking Congo’s Glass Ceiling

Exeter and CSSIS alumnus Tom O’Bryan (2013) has published an article with Foreign Affairs magazine titled "Breaking Congo's Glass Ceiling: Gender Politics in the DRC."

Claudio Radaelli appointed to APSA Committee

Claudio Radaelli has been appointed to the committee for APSA's Excellence in Mentoring Award.

Media coverage focusing on slim majority of the Conservative Party influences voter perceptions

Voters who read media reports highlighting the slim Parliamentary majority of the Conservative Party are less likely to believe Prime Minister David Cameron can have an impact on their lives.

University of Exeter academic appointed to prestigious project ahead of EU referendum

A University of Exeter researcher has been appointed to be part of a group of leading academics who will provide expert analysis ahead of the forthcoming EU referendum.

Dan Stevens writes in the Washington Post

The guest post in the Monkey Cage, 'What do citizens fear most — for the world, the nation, themselves? The answers might surprise you.' is based on his recent publication in the British Journal of Political Science.

Changing the use of agricultural land could massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Making farmland more productive could bring about significant reductions in the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, University of Exeter research has found.

New ESRC Research Fellowship to explore the impact of a proposed UK Brexit from the EU on the UK Communications Industry

Alison Harcourt is a ESRC Senior Fellow on the UK in a Changing Europe project.