Politics postgraduate students

NameResearch title


Tallha Abdulrazaq Iraqi Operational Art in the Iran-Iraq War Gareth Stansfield
Leen Al-Habash Civil Society and Development in Transition Economies: The case of Syria. John Heathershaw
Hamid Alkifaey Democratisation in Iraq. Andrew Massey
Bethan Allen Gender and UKIP: Female Discussion on Extremist Political Party Voting Susan Banducci
Ana Almuedo-Castillo Why do some ethnically divided communities remain stable despite widespread ethnic conflict around them? The case of Lebanon Mick Dumper
Haitham Aloudah Impact of Turkish-Israeli relations on Saudi-Turkish relations : The National interest. Jonathan Githens-Mazer
Sinem Ayanoglu The power of media on molding public opinion: The analysis 2010 Referendum for constitutional amendments in Turkey. Susan Banducci
Roberto Baldoli Reconstructing Nonviolence Claudio Radaelli
Katherine Berrisford Female identity construction and political activism. Robert Lamb
Maria Blanco Palencia Repression-Mobilisation in Jordan: Structure, Strategy, and Significance the Jordanian Youth Movement Bice Maiguashca
Brebeanu Bogdan Nicolae The reintegration of ex-combatants in post-conflict Syria Klejda Mulaj
Tobias Borck Stability versus change: Building a new strategy a for Europe’s engagement with the Middle East and North Africa. Lise Storm
Ben Boulton Humanitarian Intervention. John Heathershaw
Patrick Bury Cohesion and Operational Performance: 'Elite' British Spearhead Units in Helmand and Beyond Anthony King
Michael Crofts Training Indigenous Forces to use the skills we teach them responsibly: The Strategic Implications of tactical decision making during Defence Engagement Sergio Catignani
Bethany Cuffe-Fuller Childhood, Violence and Temporality - Exploring the Chronopolitics of War Andrew Schaap
Thibaud Deruelle Managing cross-border health threats in the EU: A Subtle Europeanization? Claudio Radaelli
Sefinatu Dogo Issues and challenges of gender equity in the contemporary military: A focus of the Nigerian military. Bice Maiguashca
Asel Doolotkeldieva Central Asia studies. John Heathershaw
Abigail Dymond Security, Conflict and Justice. Brian Rappert
Ogheneruonah Eghweree Globalization, state functionality and development in Africa: The Nigerian experience. Duncan Russel
Moustafa Elazab Political, economic and cultural integration among the Gulf Arabs. Andrew Massey
Patrick Finnegan 'combat motivation and cohesion: an evaluation and comparison between standing and irregular forces.' Anthony King
Felix-Christopher Freiherr Von Nostitz What are the impacts of increased intra-party democracy within west European political Nicole Bolleyer
Jack Griffiths Human Nature in Human Rights Theory Robin Durie
Labiba Habash Testing models of good governance in countries transitioning from conflict to statehood: The Palestine case. Mick Dumper
Danyel Hampson Quantification of and preferences regarding riverine water quality: Ian Bateman
Riccardo Harmes Local Governance Andrew Massey
Joseph Prosper Helou The Free Patriotic Movement: the emergence and persistence of an Anti-government Social Movement in Lebanon Bice Maiguashca
Laszlo Horvath Thickening democratic competences tracking the information effects of vote advice applications Samuel Vine / Susan Banducci
Milka Ivanovska Hadjievska Organizational strategies of interest groups during times of austerity Nicole Bolleyer
Jonathan Kamkhaji Rregime and learning shifts in fiscal policy coordination under economic and monetary union Claudio Radaelli
Andreas Karoutas Overturning the majority Andrew Schaap
Farhad Kerimov 'Pluralism, Discourse, and Democratic Politics' Andrew Schaap
Suhee Kim Fiscal crises and decentralisation in developing countries. Andrew Massey
William King The Connection between Depoliticization and the Market Susan Banducci
Nicholas Kirsop-Taylor What are the monetary values of the ecosystem services and disservices in a sub-regional plot of the Culm grasslands and can this information be used to create a scenario-based model of ecosystem service management to engage local stakeholders Michael Winter
Wesam Lasheen Global Governance, policy transfer and regulatory practices. Andrew Massey
Teisha Leigh The site of Palestinian identity formation in East Jerusalem and the limits of political agency. Mick Dumper
Edward Lemon Dynamics of radicalism in Tajikistan John Heathershaw
Rebecca Mavin Investigating and Theorising the corporeal experiences of asylum seekers in western democracies. Andrew Schaap
Michail Melidis Sustainable development and the Green New Deal: The politics of Green Budgeting. Duncan Russel
Adrian Millican The effects of economic voting at 2nd order elections and their differences from general elections. Gabriel Katz Wisel
Martin Moorby Marx's political writings: Alienation and emancipation. Dario Castiglione
Laura Moralee Representation and Authorisation in World Politics Dario Castiglione
Lucy Morgan Edwards State building in Afghanistan: a case showing limits? John Heathershaw
Alexander Neads Building other peoples armies: Analysing the dynamics of military capacity building during international interventions Sergio Catignani
Caroline Nye Agricultural Labour in the UK: Change and Challenge in the Transition to Sustainable Intensification. Michael Winter
Salem Ali Osseiran Strategic communication, data solutions, and big data Patrick Porter
Phillip Passmore Public understanding of climate change: the impact of the information society Clare Saunders
Raluca Popp Tapping political representation in different electoral settings using VAA generated data Susan Banducci
Giles Randle Critical Conflict Resolution: Counter-hegemonic approaches to resolving intractable conflict Klejda Mulaj
Cindy Reiff Tunisia's youth movement and its political role in the country's transition. Bice Maiguashca
Sophie Rich-Degeneve The POLPART project Clare Saunders
Tobias Ruettershoff Counterinsurgency as Ideology: The evolution of expert knowledge production in U.S. asymmetric warfare (1898-2011): The cases of the Philippines, Vietnam and Iraq." Sergio Catignani
Stuart Scrase Riots and Democracy in the UK: A political ethnography of the cultures behind the UK riots Katharine Tyler
Serkan Seker A path-dependent analysis of Turkish civil-military relations with special attention to civilian over-sight of the military since 1980 Andrew Massey
Deoggyo Seo What Factors Influence on legislative process in Korea? : Focusing on the Bills Proposed by the Executive Branch after 1988 Andrew Massey
Maria Chiara Slucca The UAV arms race: can there be a balance of terror in a multiplayer game? Patrick Porter
Titilayo Soremi Amy McKay Claire Dunlop
Torill Stavenes How much state is too much state? Voluntary organizations' development in light of state regulation Nicole Bolleyer
Robert Stewart Islamist Political Parties: Navigating Between Ideology and Political Pragmatism Nicole Bolleyer
John Sutherland The problem of representation: A conceptual conundrum. Dario Castiglione
Zhangmei Tang The Coordinate System of Afrendt's Thought. Andrew Schaap
Jeremy Thomas Climate Change in the Arabian Peninsula: Implications for Security and Stability within the Region Gareth Stansfield
Rebecca Tidy Effects of the internet upon the marketing of political parties at a local level. Susan Banducci
Noel Trew Psychological Mechanisms for Compliance with International Humanitarian Law Aurel Sari
Peter Violakis TBC Klejda Mulaj
Sidan Wang Summary of Research on a Comparison of Discourses on Climate Change among Chinese, UK and USA Media Clare Saunders
Kit Waterman Have Recent Developments in the Global Political Economy Diminished Contemporary US Strategic Capabilities? Doug Stokes
Veronique Wavre Mechanisms of Policy Diffusion between the EU and Southern Mediterranean Countries in the Telecommunications Sector: Comparative perspective of three National Regulatory Authorities of Morocco, Jordan and Egypt. Alison Harcourt
Martin Williamson How did the US parlay the international monetary crisis of 1971-76 into its hegemonic power? Doug Stokes
Claudia Zucca The Effects of the Recommendations of VAA Website on Vote Choice Gabriel Katz Wisel