The MPA team 

The MPA is led by the Department of Politics with expertise leading figures from the public and private sectors.

Department of Politics

The University of Exeter has one of the best all round Politics departments in the UK. We excel in research and teaching across all the main areas of political science including public policy analysis, comparative politics, public opinion and electoral behaviour, international relations, political theory, and the politics of European integration. We were ranked 6th in the UK for our world-leading research in the last Research Assessment Exercise (2008). Our research active staff, including the University’s Vice-Chancellor Steve Smith, contribute to several research centres including the Centre for European Governance, Centre for Elections, Media and Participation, and the Centre for Rural Policy Research. Our work is published in international journals and by presses around the world.

Dr Stephen Greasley

Dr Greasley’s research and teaching interests are in public policy and administration. He has a particular interest in various types of arm’s length governance and the way that these are, or are not influenced, by the political system. His research has primarily focused on the UK at national and local levels.

Professor Andrew Massey

Professor Massey has written widely on government and civil service modernisation, public sector management and EU reform. Elected to the Academy of Social Sciences in recognition of his contribution to social sciences in the UK and overseas, he has acted as a consultant for several international organisations and spoken at the United Nations. He has a long standing interest in energy policy, professionalism, ethics and accountability.


Dr Claire Dunlop

With research interests in public policy, administration and regulation, Dr Dunlop has been funded by the British Academy for research into the relationship between scientific knowledge and political decision making in relation to bovine TB. Previously she has led research for the Scottish Consumer Council into the development of risk governance, worked on evidence-based policy making in the Scottish Executive and led a high profile project on the regulation of teachers’ wellbeing services.

Dr Duncan Russel

Duncan Russel is a senior lecturer in politics of climate change and sustainable futures. His research and teaching interests include: UK and European environmental policy; climate policy; public policy; policy appraisal; policy coordination; evidence and policy interactions; budgetary politics. He has provided extensive policy input within the UK, including: the submission of written evidence to parliamentary select committees; providing oral evidence to the parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee on the structure of government and the challenge of climate change; and the presentation of research results to economists in the Environmental Agency.


Professor Oliver James

Professor James regularly works with public sector organisations in the UK and elsewhere, and has acted as a consultant to bodies including the World Bank, OECD, UK Treasury, UK National Audit Office and UK Audit Commission. His research interests include public sector organisation and reform, public service provision, executive politics and regulation of the public sector. Recent projects involve exploring the relationship between performance, public expectations and satisfaction


Professor Claudio Radaelli

Professor Radaelli holds the Anniversary Chair in Politics and Jean Monnet Chair in Public Policy. As the Director of the Centre for European Governance, he has contributed innovative theories to the fields of Europeanisation, policy transfer, the role of knowledge in the policy process, and the use of economics in government. His ground-breaking research is funded by organisations including the European Research Council.