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Call for Panels

This call is open to anyone wishing to propose a complete Panel with Papers, and those wanting to propose individual Papers to a particular Section. Panels provisionally proposed as part of accepted Sections must also be submitted through this procedure. Panels should include 3–5 Papers.

Current panels 

"Advancing the Discussion on Bureaucratic Reputation" Thibauld Deruelle
"The politics of regulatory intermediaries" David Levi-Faur
"The politics and regulation of technology" David Levi-Faur
“Corporate Reputation and Regulatory Governance” Judtih van Erp and Colin Provost
"Regulatory Governance in Authoritarian Contexts" Eva Thomann and Catherine Owen
"Implementing regulatory governance" Kim Loyens, Nadine Raaphorst, Eva Thomann and Esther Versluis.
“Regulating markets via tax governance”  Aanor Roland
“Strengthening the Nexus between EU Legislation and its Enforcement”  Michael Hubner>

"Varieties of Pressure on Regulatory Governance"

Takuya Onoda

"Regulatory oversight bodies: towards a new (meta-regulatory) research agenda"

Jonathan Kamkhaji and Oliver Fritsch