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8th Biennial Conference on Regulatory Governance at the University of Exeter postponed until June 23 – 26th, 2021.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 situation and actions taken in different states, the Steering Committee of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance and the Centre for European Governance have decided to postpone the 8th Biennial Conference on Regulatory Governance at the University of Exeter until June 23 – 26th, 2021.

The Annual Lasok Lecture is taking place at 5.30pm on Wednesday, 18 March in room Laver LT6.

The lecture will be given by Chris Docksey.

Call for papers: Panel on Trust and Regulatory Governance at the biannual conference of the ECPR standing group on regulatory governance

The biannual conference of the ECPR standing group on regulatory governance is taking place in Exeter, UK, June 24-26 2020.


Conservative Party divisions contributed to the failure of Brexit negotiations, new study shows

The study was undertaken by Claire Dunlop, Scott James and Claudio Radaelli.

CEG Director, Alison Harcourt is publishing a book on Global Standard Setting in Internet Governance

The book, co-written by George Christou and Seamus Simpson, addresses representation of the public interest in Internet standard developing organisations (SDOs).

CEG's Clare Dunlop and Duncan Russel will be speaking at Science for the Environment

It is a public event to discuss what science and politics can jointly do for the living environment

Eva Thomann to give talk at SOAS

The talk will focus on customization and output legitimacy in the European Union

Andrew Massey at the IIAS-Lien Conference 2019

The conference took place in June in Singapore

Sandra Kroger at LUISS Center conference

The conference was organised by Luiss School of Government Jean Monnet Chair on “Understanding Representative Democracy in Europe” in cooperation with Luiss Center for Parliamentary Studies.

Oliver James at at the Public Management Research Conference

The Conference took place from the 11 to the 14th June in North Carolina

Tim Rees spoke at the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies

The 50th Anniversary Conference took place on 10-13 July in Barcelona. 

Eva Thomann from Exeter Politics has joined the editorial team of Regulation & Governance.

Regulation & Governance serves as one of the leading platform for the study of regulation and governance by political scientists, lawyers, sociologists, historians, criminologists, psychologists, anthropologists, economists and others.

Claire Dunlop, Eva Thomann and Jonathan Kamkhaji presented at IPPA

The IPPA took place in Montreal from 26th to 28th june 2019

James Mark will be speaking at the 9th Genealogies of Memory International Conference

The conference is taking place between 28-30 October 2019 in Warsaw. 

Bruce Doern's "The Politics of Energy" available in e-format.

Originally published in 1985. This in-depth analysis of federal energy policy and politics in the oil and gas sector critically evaluates the National Energy Program, one of the most controversial and wide-ranging policy initiatives in Canadian history. 

David Kelsey: A Test of Dynamic Consistency and Consequentialism in the Presence of Ambiguity

David Kelsey will give a talk at the Research Colloquium of the Institute of Economics on July 18th.

Clare Dunlop presented at the JPCA & ICPA-Forum 20th Anniversary Workshop held in conjunction with IPPA prior to the International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP4)

The JPCA & ICPA-Forum 20th Anniversary Workshop took place in June at Concordia University, Canada. 

Dario Castiglione at the Democratic Studies Group

The Democratic Studies Group Meeting took place on June 24-26 in Brazil

Lise Herman will be presenting at the Truth, Power, and the Foundations of Democracy Workshop

The workshop will take place at Dartmouth College in the US on August 6-7th. 

CSECL Conference: The Transparent Trap: Disclosing Information to Consumers

Center for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL) hosted a two-day conference on transparency and disclosing information to consumers.

Lamprini Rori spoke to Bloomberg’s Daybreak Europe’s Caroline Hepker and Roger Hearing about the Greek election.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras shot to power during Greece’s financial crisis but his Syriza party faces a challenge from center-right New Democracy.

David Benson and Duncan Russell presented a paper at Greening the European Economy

This workshop organised by UACES took place in Norwich on July 2-3rd. 

CEG Members talked to BBC Radio Devon about the EP Elections

Members of the Centre for European Governance spoke on BBC Radio Devon about the European Parliament elections. 

Professor Bernhard Rieger will be giving a lecture on Tuesday 14 May entitled 'Making Society Work Again: Workfare in Transatlantic Context Since the Sixties'

The lecture will take place at 4.30pm in Laver 218. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

The Centre for European Governance has launched a SoundCloud page

The page will feature recordings from seminars. 

Jason Reifler and Florian Stoeckel have worked with FactCheckers EU on a survey

The poll of 6067 citizens from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Poland shows that many Europeans believe in false facts about the European Union.

Senior Lecturer, James Griffin has published a book on the state of creativity

The book is entitled 'The State of Creativity: The Future of 3D Printing, 4D Printing and Augmented Reality' 

Sam Power talked to BBC Devon about all things Brexit

He featured on Laura James and Gordon Sparks' morning show. 

Alison Harcourt takes part in debate over new media policy challenges for the EU

EU Talks: “New media policy challenges posed by the new content and distribution platforms: the EU at the crossroads”

Professor Andrew Massey has edited a new book

The book entitled 'A Research Agenda for Public Administration' addresses salient current issues in public administration research.

2019 CEG Seminar series: the UK and the EU: changing politics and policies.

These seminars provide a series of academic talks into the changing politics and policies of Europe including Brexit and the UK’s changing relationship with the EU.

Working Paper by Sandra Kröger - Assessing the democratic legitimacy of the 2016 Brexit referendum

Sandra Kröger has published a new working paper on the legitimacy of the first Brexit referendum.  

New Publication: 'EU Support of Polyarchy? The Case of Morocco' by Dr Angelos Sepos

Dr Angelos Sepos has published an article titled 'EU Support of Polyarchy? The Case of Morocco' in the European Foreign Affairs Review, the authoritative journal in the field of EU Foreign Policy.  

Lamprini Rori to lead research into Political Violence in Greece

Dr Lamprini Rori has been awarded funding from the LSE Hellenic Observatory to lead a research project  "Low-intensity violence in crisis-ridden Greece: evidence from the radical right and the radical left".

Associate Professor, Joasia Luzak, has posted a blog on Google's misinformation to acquire user's consent to constant tracking

Norwegian Consumer Council and seven European consumer organisations have filed a complaint against Google, arguing that Google uses deceptive design and misleading information in order to acquire users' consent to constant tracking

Professor Christos Kotsogiannis is organising a project for the Turing Institute called 'Detecting anomalies in the VAT network'

Developing tools to identify abnormal data events (and fraudulent behaviour) in the VAT transactions network

Eva Thomann is teaching a course on Qualitative Comparative Analysis at the ECPR Winter School

Eva has taught extensively on set-theoretic methods at invited workshops, doctoral schools, and at BA and MA level. She contributes to the development of pedagogical resources and other innovations in the use and teaching of QCA.

CEG's Clare Dunlop has written blog post on what is the exact causal relationship between corruption in the public sector and regulation?

The blog post was written for the Sussex Centre for the Study of Corruption and is entitled 'Three causal narratives about regulation and corruption.'

SecEUrity project: European Common Defence and shared security in an age of Brexit and Trump kick-off meeting

Catarina Thompson and Jason Reifler at Exeter are project members of the Volkswagen Stiftung funded project. 

Call for Papers: 'T11P02 - Case-Oriented and Set - Theoretic Approaches to Comparative Policy Analysis' at the 4th ICPP conference in Montreal, Canada from 26th to 28th June 2019.

CEG's Eva Thomann will be chairing the panel. 

Book Presentation Invitation Dr. Petros Violakis

Dr. Petros Violakis invites you to his book presentation titled "Europeanisation and the Transformation of EU Security Policy Post-Cold War Developments in the Common Security and Defence Policy"(Routledge, 2018). 

Call for Papers: Great Minds, Ideas, Events and People: Ideational Scholarship, Empirical Analysis, and Behavior' to take place at the ICPP conference in Montreal from 26th to 28th June 2019

The panel is being organised by Jonathan Kamkhaji (Exeter), Claudio Radaelli (UCL), Femke van Esch (Utrecht). 

Call for Papers: Thibaud Deruelle and Ellie Brooks are inviting submission to form a multi-disciplinary panel on health for UACES 2019

The deadline for abstracts is Friday 14 December.

New Book: 'The State and Civil Society: Regulating Interest Groups, Parties, and Public Benefit Organizations in Contemporary Democracies' Nicole Bolleyer

The State and Civil Society provides a new interdisciplinary theory on why democracies adopt permissive or constraining regulation of civil society organizations

New Book: Trumping the Mainstream: The Conquest of Democratic Politics by the Populist Radical Right.

The book features case studies and comparative research on recent political events in the US, UK, France and Belgium.

New Book: Creating Political Presence: The new politics of democratic representation. Edited by Dario Castiglione and Johannes Pollak

Creating Political Presence: The new politics of democratic representation will be released in 2019

Dr Katherine Tyler has been awarded an ESRC grant for Identity, Belonging and the Role of the Media in Brexit Britain

This project will explore ethnographically the attitudes, beliefs and values of individuals from different social backgrounds and geographical locations regarding questions of immigration, national identity and European belonging in the face of Britain's exit from the EU. 

Dr Eva Thomann will act as advisory mandate for Cross-sectional policy analysis for the National Research Programme "Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production" (NRP 69)

The research programme funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation) explores the link between the predominant diseases of our time and nutrition. Its objective is to remove barriers in food, medical and agricultural research to improve food systems as a whole.

Funding Opportunity: NORFACE will be announcing a new transnational research programme on democratic governance.

NORFACE will be announcing a new transnational research programme on democratic governance. The main focus of this research programme will be on understanding the precise nature of the recent turbulence in democratic politics and governance in Europe, how European states can negotiate it and how they can develop strategies to enhance the quality of democratic politics and governance.


Professor Alison Harcourt has been granted the Award of Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

The Academy of Social Sciences is the national academy of academics, learned societies and practitioners in the social sciences. Its mission is to promote social science in the United Kingdom for the public benefit.

‘Squandered value? How to overcome the challenges of joining up government data for statistics and research’ November 19th, Exeter University.

On November 19th the University of Exeter will host Ed Humphries and Catherine Bromley as they present their report on joining Up Data for Better Statistics.


Clare Dunlop is now the Exeter representative for the IPPA

The International Public Policy Association is a non-profit organisation whose aims are to promote and facilitate the study of public policy.


Alison Harcourt took part in a roundtable discussion at UACES on REF 2021

Alison Harcourt spoke on the REF 2021: Insights from 2014 and Key Challenges for the Future panel. 

The Volkswagen Foundation has awarded €997 for multi-national grant

The Volkswagen Foundation has awarded €997 for the multi-national grant titled: ‘Fighting together, moving apart?
 European common defence and shared security in an age of Brexit and Trump’


Sandra Kröger takes up fellowship at the EUI in Florence

From September 2018 to June 2019, Sandra Kröger is a Robert Schuman Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. 

New book: Customized implementation of European Union food safety policy: United in diversity?

This newly published book provides a new, evidence-based perspective on “gold-plating” and better regulation in Europe for scholars, students and practitioners of policy implementation, European integration and Europeanization alike. 

Exeter PA Scholars participate at the European Group for Public Administration Annual Conference in Lausanne, Sept 2018

Exeter Public Administration Scholars participated in European Group for Public Administration’s (EGPA) 40th Annual Conference, which took place this year in Lausanne, 3-7 September, attended by over 500 participants from around the world.

Four new modules from CEG members

We are delighted to announce four new modules from CEG members from the University of Exeter’s Politics department.

Alison Harcourt gives opening speech at Global Internet Governance Actors, Regulations, Transactions and Strategies conference

Alison’s talk considered new and crucial questions concerning internet governance in a context in which connectivity infrastructure is constantly expanding, and internet access is incessantly growing across countries, regions and socio-political contexts

Expressions of Interest Sought: Protego Project

Deadline Fri 23rd March 2018

Dr Eva Thomann to deliver seminar on Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Fuzzy Sets

CEG member delivers specialist training on qualitative comparative research techniques

27 November: New fellow in residence at CEG

ESRC Funded Seminar Series Event: Civil Society and Democracy in the Economic Arena

Professor Alison Harcourt to talk at CASS Business School Seminar advancing new democratic views of the economic sphere

Dr Eva Thomann to act as external advisor on a new project to be funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation

Project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation under their Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production programme

New Research Fellow at CEG

Welcome to Dr. Jörn Ege, new visiting scholar at CEG

Professor Alison Harcourt running a conference on 15th Nov at the Houses of Parliament, Portcullis House

Alison Harcourt is organising an ESRC- funded stakeholder workshop in London for her internet professional fora project.

Sandra Kröger co-chairing at this year’s ECPR general conference

Dr Kröger is co-chairing a section on a ‘problem-driven approach to political representation’ at this year’s ECPR general conference

Generations come together to discuss Brexit and the UK’s future in Europe

On Thursday 29 June, an event which brought together retired/semi-retired citizens as well as secondary school aged children, ‘Brexit: A discussion of the UK’s future in Europe’, took place.

Three ways to encourage policy learning

Guest post by Claire A. Dunlop and Claudio M. Radaelli on the Paul Cairney: Politics and Public Policy blog.

Brexit Divisions III: Business and Trade after Brexit

Professor Alison Harcourt is taking part in an afternoon of debate and discussion, 'Brexit Divisions III: Business and Trade after Brexit' at the UCL European Institute

Alison Harcourt ran a large conference at the House of Commons.

This was the first of two conferences covering the Digital Single Market.

University of Exeter academic appointed to prestigious project ahead of EU referendum

A University of Exeter researcher has been appointed to be part of a group of leading academics who will provide expert analysis ahead of the forthcoming EU referendum.

Setting the agenda for the right to know

A human rights conference held at the Italian Parliament at the end of July heard from Professor Claudio Radaelli, head of the Centre for European Governance, and Laura Harth, a PhD student at Exeter

New project to lift the lid on internet governance at the international level

Alison Harcourt has been awarded £462,921 by the ESRC for a new project on International professional fora: a study of civil society organisation participation in internet governance

Briefing regulators and decision-makers in Italy

Professor Claudio Radaelli, director of the Centre for European Governance, last week provided a briefing session at the Italian think tank ASTRID, where participants included members of the Italian government.

West Meets East in Policy Innovation

Politics Associate Professor Claire Dunlop recently helped organise the Social Innovation Research Conference (SIRC) at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Doctoral student, Jonathan Kamkhaji, has worked on a WB assignment in Botswana concerning regulatory reform and business climate.

The Centre has developed links with the World Bank over the years and produced scientific papers for their regulatory reform programmes – as evidenced by our REF-2014 submission.

Engaging the Public in Busting Euro-Myths

This public engagement event brought together Elisabeth Sweeney of the European Parliament’s Information Office and members of Exeter’s University of the 3rd Age (U3A) to explore situations where we wrongly believe that the European Union (EU) is responsible for initiatives that come from other places

Exeter academics win grant to lead public policy workshops in Kazakhstan

Politics academics from the University of Exeter were involved in leading a three day political science workshop in partnership with Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Politics undergraduates involved in a simulation on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

The aim of the simulation is to work with real-life situations and to provide an opportunity for students to engage with and directly apply the materials they have learnt.

Study uncovers the reason behind health and safety myths

New research from the University of Exeter reveals some of the complex reasons why health and safety regulations are used incorrectly and blamed for over-the-top decisions. 

Engaging the public in busting Health and Safety myths

Dr Claire Dunlop hosted a public engagement event which brought together civil servants from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and members of Exeter’s University of the 3rd Age (U3A) to explore the roots of health and safety myths.

Professor of political science presents to Portuguese Parliament

Professor Claudio Radaelli will travel to Portugal to present a major report on lawmaking and smart regulation.

Researcher Links Workshop in Kazakhstan organised by Centre for European Governance.

20 October 2014
Call for participants will follow soon. Grants available for early career researchers.

Culture Secretary holds personal Question Time session with students

The Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport and Exeter graduate, The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, returned to campus to discuss the top political issues with current students. 

Bulgarian elections given a platform in Exeter thanks to student involvement

A University of Exeter student enabled citizens and students from Bulgaria living in the South West to vote in the recent Bulgarian General Elections by creating a voting station in Exeter. 

New grant to support the development of new research trends in the area of media and communications policy

11 February 2014
Politics doctoral student, Veronique Wavre, has been awarded a "Rapid Response Grant" by the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) with the support of the Media Program of the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

EC Should Encourage Transparency and Co-ordination, not Duplication & Liberalisation

9 January 2014
Professor Harcourt argues that the European Commission should encourage transparency and Co-ordination in media ownership on LSE's media blog

The Italian national elections 2018: What is at stake?

Event Hosted by the Centre for European Governance

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New Book: Trumping the Mainstream: The Conquest of Democratic Politics by the Populist Radical Right.

The book features case studies and comparative research on recent political events in the US, UK, France and Belgium.