New Research Fellow at CEG

We are excited to host Dr. Jörn Ege as new visiting scholar starting in December 2017. During his stay with us, Jörn will be carrying out research about the policy influence of the secretariats of intergovernmental organizations, which is funded by the German Research Foundation as part of the research unit „International Public Administration (IPA)“. Dr Ege’s research about the autonomy of IPA has just appeared in a special issue of Journal of European Public Policy and in Public Administration.

Jörn says: 
“I am very much looking forward to this research fellowship at the Centre for European Governance. There is plenty of expertise at CEG and in Politics in the fields of methodology, comparative public policy and international relations. My motivation for this visit is to engage staff and the doctoral community. I wish to share ideas and contribute to the emergence of a new conceptual and empirical lens on international organizations that is relevant to both Europeanists with a comparative outlook and IR scholars."

Welcome Jörn!