Talk on "Politicized Bureaucracy in a Merit-based System: Permanent Secretaries" by Dr Nick Petrovsky, University of Kentucky

As part of the Exeter Master in Public Administration programme, Dr Nick Petrovsky, University of Kentucky (Currently Visiting Fellow: City University of Hong Kong) will give a presentation on Politicized Bureaucracy in a Merit-based System. The talk will look at the relationship between politicians and bureaucrats and consider the appropriate use of political appointment and neutral competence, which is highly topical in many countries’ public administration systems. The talk with draw on research as part of the Structure and Organisation of Government Project, illustrated by recent findings from UK central government.

Room:           Amory B219
Date(s):        Thursday, 02/02/2017
Time:           14:30-15:30

We kindly ask people interested in coming to the presentation to emal Oliver James

More about the speaker:

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