Call for abstracts: "The Jean Monnet Fellowship Programme@25" Alumni Conference, EUI Florence, 22-23 June, 2017

Claudio Radaelli (Exeter) and Michelle Cini (Bristol) are convening a panel on the theme "Public Policy, Institutions, Processes, and Practitioners" at the RSC Alumni conference for the 25th anniversary of the Jean Monnet Programme.

This panel will tackle the interplay between EU public policies and institutions. Conventional thinking argues that institutions generate public policies, hence we look at policy as output of institutional activity. In this panel, instead, we take public policy as independent variable, and look at how institutions and policy-makers are affected by different processes and policy ‘production’ more generally. Policies, however, do not just naturally fall into their institutional box: policy-makers choose institutions, by creating new ones (e.g. the recent creation of the European Fiscal Board), by shifting a policy from one institutional setting to another (e.g. the use of different modes of governance in environmental policies), by altering the balance of power between institutions with new procedures and policy instruments (e.g. the role of impact assessment in altering the inter-institutional relations between Commission, Parliament and Council). Retrospective evaluation of policies (e.g. REFIT) can also change the direction of institutional activity, from ‘production’ of new policies to ‘appraisal’ and perhaps ‘dismantling’, a phenomenon epitomised by Brexit as process. To illustrate: How do institutions like the EP respond to policy-making in reverse gear? How are roles, analytical capacity, and attitudes of MEPs affected by retrospective evaluation? We seek both empirical papers and papers that can contribute to theoretical innovations on the relationship between institutions and public policy.

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