Dr. Baldoli honoured with the Hutton Prize

Dr. Roberto Baldoli has won the 2016 Hutton Prize for Excellence for his doctoral thesis in Politics on “Reconstructing Nonviolence”. His thesis was chosen as it was seen to promote, propose and demonstrate high standards of ethical conduct for the benefit of individuals and society. He will receive the prize on 23 February 2017 at 6 p.m. in Reed Hall, University of Exeter.

Roberto summarises his dissertation as follows: "My PhD thesis aims to ‘reconstruct’ the concept of nonviolence, offering a new unifying and pluralistic definition, which is able to contribute to the many current debates on the crisis of democracy and the construction of a post-secular society. Nonviolence emerges as an innovative and complex approach to the political and social world, able to show an alternative path towards revolutions, ‘democratizing democracies’, and even fighting terrorism.

This interpretation is the result of an in-depth scrutiny of the history of the term nonviolence, and in particular of the analysis of an important but understudied European nonviolent philosopher: Aldo Capitini. Inspired by Mazzini and Christ, St. Francis of Assisi and Gandhi, he developed a theory of individual and collective liberation through nonviolence and ‘open religion’ during and after the Second World War”.

The Hutton Prize for Excellence is awarded annually to a Politics, Business or Law undergraduate or postgraduate, and seeks to reward, encourage and inspire those who put ethical conduct and transparency at the forefront of government, business and the professions. The prize consists of one Troy ounce of gold formed into a medal, and is awarded following scrupulous assessment by the committee, who determine which dissertation best meets the ethics and good governance criteria.

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