Our research

The CEG research aims are to publish at levels of international excellence, with high impact in the profession and in the world of public policy.

Our research is published in the best journals of political science, law, economics, European Studies, public policy and public management world-wide. It is funded by national and European research bodies. We have also provided research for governments and international organisations. 

CEG is an interdisciplinary research centre. Its members are currently working on projects in economics, political science and law. We host the European Journal of Political Research. Academic staff are executive board members of UACES, SCHES and ECPR.

Externally funded research projects

These research projects are or have been undertaken as part of the Centre for European Governance. Please click on the project title for further detail.

Awarded To

Project Title


Start Date

Professor Claudio Radaelli, Professor Claire Dunlop Procedural Tools for Effective Governance (PROTEGO) Patterns, Outcomes and Policy Design
European Research Council 1 September 2016
Professor Alison Harcourt The UK Communication Industries: the impact of a proposed UK Brexit from the EU
Economic and Social Research Council 1 January 2016
Professor Alison Harcourt International professional fora: a study of civil society organisation Economic and Social Research Council 1 September 2015
Dr Stephen Greasley, Dr Gabriel Katz Public Service Corporations: estimating the link between public scrutiny and share Sponsor British Academy/Leverhulme 1 May 2015
Dr David Benson Integrated Water Resources Management as an Approach for Climate Change Adaptation: Comparative Lesson Drawing
Leverhulme Trust 1 September 2014
Professor Oliver James 'Structure and Organisation of Government' Project
(http://socialsciences.exeter.ac.uk/politics/research/projects/structureandorganisationofgovernment/ )
Economic and Social Research Council 1 September 2014
Professor Nicole Bolleyer
Dr Anika Gauja, Sydney
Democratic Self-Defense Before and After 9/11: Anti-Extremist Legislation in Anglo-Saxon Democracies British Academy 1 May 2014
Professor Nicole Bolleyer European Research Council for the project ‘State Encroachment on Civil Society? A Comparative Study of Parties, Interest Groups and Welfare-Providing Organisations in Contemporary Democracies (STATORG)
European Commission 1 November 2013
Dr Duncan Russel
Co-I: Tim Taylor (PCMD), Ben Wheeler(PCMD), Phil Staddon (PCMD)
BASE: Bottom-up Climate Adaptation Strategies towards a Sustainable Europe
European Commission (EC) 1 October 2012
Dr Dario Castiglione, Dr Sandra Kröger The contribution of Civil Society Organizations to representative democracy in the EU European Commission (EC) 1 September 2011
Professor Oliver James Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future (COCOPS)
European Commission 1 July 2011
Professor Oliver James
Professor G Boyne and Dr Nicolai Petrovsky (Cardiff University)
Chief Executive Succession and the Performance of Central Government Agencies
Economic and Social Research Council 1 October 2010
Professor Susan Banducci ELECDEM - Training Network in Electoral Democracy
European Commission (EC) 1 October 2009
Professor Claudio Radaelli, Professor Claire Dunlop Analysis of Learning in Regulatory Governance (ALREG)
European Research Council 1 September 2009
Professor Oliver James Local Public Services and Quality of Life
Economic and Social Research Council 1 July 2009
Professor Alison Harcourt Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Policy European Commission 1 September 2008
Professor Claudio Radaelli, Professor Alison Harcourt Jean Monnet - Centre of Excellence
European Commission 1 September 2008
Professor Claudio Radaelli Quality of Regulatory Governance: Impact Assessment in Comparative Perspective
Economic and Social Research Council 1 February 2006
Professor Alison Harcourt
Professor Peter James Humphreys (lead) and Professor Thomas Gibbons (University of Manchester)
Globalization and Regulatory Change in Audiovisual Regulation
Economic and Social Research Council 1 September 2005
Professor Claudio Radaelli Integrated and United? A Quest for Citizenship in an 'Ever Closer Europe' (INTUNE) European Commission 1 September 2005

Older research projects

In addition some past projects can be found here.