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Nicole Bolleyer Director and Professor of Comparative Politics Politics
Susan Banducci

Professor of Politics and Director of Q-Step

Stewart Barr Professor in Geography Geography
Jonathan Barry Professor of History History
Manuela Barreto Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology Psychology
Iulia Cioroianu Research Fellow Politics
Travis Coan Senior Lecturer in Politics Politics
Patricia Correa Vila Associate Research Fellow Politics
Christina Dargenidou Senior Lecturer in Finance Finance
Eleanor Gao Lecturer in Middle Eastern Politics IAIS
Elena Gadjanova Lecturer Politics
Stephen Greasley Lecturer in Politics Politics
Alison Harcourt Professor Politics
Gabriel Katz Senior Lecturer in Politics Politics
Andrew Livingstone Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology Psychology
Benjamin Lyons Postdoctoral Research Fellow Politics
Bice Maiguashca Senior Lecturer Politics
John Maloney Associate Professor of Economics Economics
Thomas Morton Associate Professor in Social Psychology Psychology
Amy McKay Senior Lecturer in Politics Politics
Imir Rashid Associate Research Fellow Politics
Jason Reifler Professor of Politics Politics
Lamprini Rori Lecturer in Politics Politics
Clare Saunders Professor of Politics (Cornwall) Politics
Darren Schreiber Senior Lecturer in Politics Politics
Daniel Stevens Professor of Politics (Cornwall) Politics
Lise Storm Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics IAIS
Joseph Sweetman Lecturer in Psychology Psychology
David Thackeray Senior Lecturer in History History
Richard Toye Professor of History History

Andrew Thorpe

Professor of History History
Samuel Vine Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Movement Science Sports & Health Science
Antal Wozniak Research Fellow Politics
Ben Zissimos Associate Professor of Economics Economics


International Board

James Adams (University of California, Davis)

André Blais (University of Montreal)

Shaun Bowler (University of California, Riverside)

Kris Deschouwer (Free University Brussels)

Anika Gauja (University of Sydney)

Richard Johnston (University of British Columbia)

Andre Kaiser (University of Cologne)

Andre Krouwel (Kieskompas)

David Redlawsk (Rutgers University)

Holli Semetko (Emory University)

Lynn Vavreck (University of California, Los Angeles)


Current Graduate Students (Exeter)

Gina Angelescu: Environmental citizenship in Europe: A longitudinal analysis (University of Southampton, external co-supervision)

Maria Blanco-Palencia: Repression-Mobilisation in Jordan: Mobilising Structure and Strategies in Al-Hirak Al-Shababi Al-Urduni

Nicholas Dickinson: MP Expenses and Party Discipline in Westminster Democracies

Francesca Farmer: Cybercrime vs hacktivism: do we need a differentiated regulatory approach?

Amina Ghezal: Understanding the experiences of climate change refugees in Tuvalu

Milka Ivanovska Hadjievska: Exploring the Link between Non-Profit Law and the Internal Governance of Non-Profit Membership Organisations: Legal Forms and Maintaining Indirect Benefits in the UK and the Netherlands

Laszlo Horvath:Thickening democratic competences tracking the information effects of vote advice applications

Raluca-Florica Popp: Tapping political representation in different electoral settings using VAA generated data

Phillip Passmore: Communicating climate science on-line

Torill Stavenes: Minor Parties in Italy and Norway: Navigating between State Funding and Regulation

Robert Stewart: The Organizational Survival of the Ennahdha Party in Tunisia: From Persecution to Power

Sidan Wang: Newspaper discourse of climate change in China

Claudia Zucca: The Effects of the Recommendations of VAA Website on Vote Choice


Former Graduate Students

Serik Beimenbetov (Senior Lecturer at the Kazakh-German University in Almaty)

Stefanie Beyens (Postdoctoral Researcher at the Utrecht University School of Governance)

Marc Herzog (Honorary Research Fellow at the British Institute Ankara)

Anaid Flesken (Research Associate, GIGA, German Institute of Global and Area Studies)

Maarja Lühiste (Lecturer in Politics, Newcastle University)

Adrian Millican (Assistant Professor (Teaching) at the School of Government and International Affairs at Durham University)

Felix-Christopher von Nostitz (Teaching Fellow at the Catholic University of Lille)

Marco Silva Rego

Kathrin Thomas (Research Associate, City University of London)

Siim Trumm  (Lecturer in Politics, University of Nottingham)

Veronique Wavre (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of St. Gallen)