The PhD in Political Theory

The Centre for Political Thought is home to an intellectually vibrant and supportive network of PhD students who benefit from being teaching colleagues as well as fellow researchers. Students pursue a range of research interests, and have excellent facilities in which to discuss topics, texts and thinkers. Theory students are part of a cohort of postgraduate researchers doing work in other research clusters and have ample opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary work. There are many opportunities to develop professionally by participating in conferences, workshops, and the weekly reading group meetings. Doctoral students in political theory also benefit from frequent and supportive contact with the fantastic academic staff here at Exeter. 

All PhD students have the opportunity to take on paid employment as teaching assistants during their time at Exeter.

The Centre for Political Thought at Exeter has an outstanding record for the professional placement of completed PhDs.

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Current doctoral students


Roberto Baldoli

Aldo Capitini and the Religious Liberation of Nonviolence

Lead Supervisor: Claudio Radaelli; Second Supervisor: Andrew Schaap

Katherine Townsend

Liberalism and Problems with Female Genital Cutting

Lead Supervisor: Robert Lamb; Second Supervisor: Andrew Schaap

Jack Griffiths

The Politics of Nature

Supervision team: Robin Durie, John Dupre, Robert Lamb

Andreas Karoutas

Overturning the Majority

Co-supervisors: Andrew Schaap and Alex Prichard

Becca Mavin

Afghan asylum seekers in the U.K.

Lead Supervisor: Andrew Schaap

Martin Moorby

Marx's "Riddle": Alien Politics in the Thought of Karl Marx

Co-supervisors: Iain Hampsher-Monk and Dario Castiglione

Keith Sutherland

Giving Up On the Concept of Representation

Lead Supervisor: Dario Castiglione

Zhangmei Tang

The Coordinates of Arendt's thought

Co-supervisors: Andrew Schaap and Robin Durie


Past doctoral students


Name Year Title Supervisors Placement
Farhad Kerimov 2016 Pluralism, Discourse, and Democratic Politics Andy Schaap Assistant Professor, University of Central Asia
Biao Zhang 2015 Concepts of Rationality in Classical Political Theorists and Their Representations in IR Theory Iain Hampsher-Monk and Alex Prichard  
Jan Pieter Beetz 2015 Popular Sovereignty in Europe Dario Castiglione and Nicole Bolleyer Lecturer, Leiden University
Stuart Ingham 2015 Egalitarianisms and Exploitation Robert Lamb Researcher, Houses of Parliament
Alexandra Boehme 2014 The Multidimensional Sovereignty of the European Union Dario Castiglione Senior Associate, EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy
Christiane Smith 2014 Articulating Ecological Injustices Bice Maiguashca and Andy Schaap  
Gabriel Thebolt 2014 Reconceptualising Emergent Wholes Robin Durie  
Owen Thomas 2014 The Iraq Enquiries: Publicity, Secrecy, and Liberal Security Andy Schaap and John Heathershaw Lecturer, University of Exeter
Christopher Fear 2013 Concepts of Time and History in Nineteenth Century (British) Political Theory and Cultural Criticism Iain Hampsher-Monk and Ed Skidelsky Teaching Fellow, University of Hull
Mike Cailes 2012 The Divergence of Thought on War and Peace in Renaissance and Early Modern Europe Iain Hampsher-Monk  
Robin Dunford 2012 Immanent Creativity and Constitutive Power Robin Durie and Andy Schaap Lecturer, University of Brighton
Marios Filis 2012 Political Ethics: History and Theory Dario Castiglione  
Christopher Nathan 2012 The Basis of Human Equality Keith Hyams Research Fellow, University of Warwick
Simon Townsend 2012 Nietzche's Monster of Energy: The Self-Creation of the Great Man Robin Durie Teaching Fellow, University of Exeter
Robin Douglass 2011 The Political Thought of Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau Iain Hampsher-Monk Senior Lecturer, Kings College London
Claire Harrison 2010 Rethinking the Divide: Beyond the Politics of Demand vs. The Policy of the Act Debate Bice Maiguashca and Andy Schaap  
Joanie Willett 2010 Why is Cornwall so Poor?: Narrative, Perception, and Identity Robin Durie and Jonathan Githens-Mazer Lecturer, University of Exeter
Saud Al-Tammami 2009 Enlightenment in Contemporary Arab Thought: Juxtaposing Averroes and Kant Iain Hampsher-Monk  
Cassie Hague 2009 Polluted Inheritances?: Children, The Political Imagination, and the Search for a Non-Oppositional Notion of Child Citizenship Rights Bice Maiguashca and Robin Durie  
Nikola Regent 2009 Magistra Vitae: History as Inducement for Action Iain Hampsher-Monk Research Fellow, Australian National University
Benjamin Thompson 2009 Activity, Passivity, and the Politics of Will and Disposition in the Thought of Locke and Rousseau Iain Hampsher-Monk Associate Professor, Kyungpook National University