Photo of Professor Nicole Bolleyer

Professor Nicole Bolleyer

Research Interests

- Voluntary Organisations in Advanced Democracies

- The Regulation of Political Parties, Interest Groups and Voluntary Sector Organisations

- Theories of Party Organisation and Party Change

- Comparative Political Finance

- Multilevel Governance

- Comparative Federalism and Devolution


Research Supervision

- Party Politics and Party Organisation

- Comparative Federalism and Multilevel Governance

- Voluntary Organisations (e.g. Charities, Interest Groups, Movements)

- The Legal Regulation of Civil Society Organisations

- Institutional and Organizational Theory

- Coalition Theory and Governance

- Conceptions of Legitimacy


Research Students

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Paricia Correa Vila, Associate Research Fellow on ERC-funded Project Regulating Civil Society? (2015-present)


Current PhD Researchers

Milka Ivanovska: How Voluntary Organizations Adapt: Regulatory Constraints and Organizational Trade-offs between Advocacy and Service Provision in the UK and the Netherlands (First Supervisor, September 2015-present)

Torill Stavenes: Minor Parties in Italy and Norway: Navigating between State Funding and Regulation (First Supervisor, September 2015-present)

Nicholas Dickinson: MP Expenses and Party Discipline in Westminster Democracies (First Supervisor, Septemer 2015-present)

Robert Stewart: The Organizational Survival of the Ennahdha Party in Tunisia: From Persecution to Power (First Supervisor, September 2013-present; part-time)


Former PhD Researchers and Postdocs

Dr. Felix-Christopher von Nostitz, Teaching Fellow, University of Lille, France: The Merits and Perils of Intra-Party Democracy: Assessing the Effects of Party Reform in Germany, France and the UK (First Supervisor, September 2013-December 2016)

Dr. Raimondas Ibenskas, Lecturer in Politics, University of Southampton: Postdoctoral Research on Unstable Party Supply in Established and New Democracies: Causes and Electoral Consequences (Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship Project (IEF), 2014-2015)

Dr. Mariana Skirmuntt, Senior Researcher at Great Place to Work Institute, London, UK: Associate Research Fellow on ERC-funded Project Regulating Civil Society? (2014-15)

Dr. Stefanie Beyens, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Utrecht University School of Governance, Netherlands: The Persistence and Decline of New Parties in Advanced Democracies (International Co-supervisor, with Kris Deschouwer as Supervisor, home institution VUB Brussels, January 2011-April 2016)

Dr. Serik Beimenbetov, Senior Lecturer at the Kazakh-German University in Almaty, Kazakhstan: Phd on A Comparative Analysis of 'Defensive Democracy' in Advanced Democracies (First Supervisor, January 2012- March 2015)

Dr. Jan Pieter Beetz, Postdoctoral Researcher at VU Amsterdam, Netherlands: PhD on The People and the Legitimation of EU Rule (Co-supervisor, with Dario Castiglione as Supervisor, September 2010- March 2015)

Dr. Alexandra Boehme, Associate at EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy, London, UK: PhD on The Multidimensional Sovereignty of the European Constitution (Co-supervisor, with Dario Castiglione as Supervisor, September 2010 - June 2014)

Dr. Siim Trumm, Lecturer in Politics, University of Nottingham, UK: PhD on Voting Behaviour in the European Parliament after Enlargement (Second Supervisor, with Susan Banducci as Supervisor, September 2009 - January 2013)