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At present, I am working on a book on European democracy, and on various articles on poltiical representation.

Conferences and WorkshopsAs part of my research activities, I have organized numerous conferences and workshops. This is a list of the main events which I have promoted:

- Conference on New Trends in Political Representation in the EU, (co-organised with Sandra Kröger), University of Exeter, May 2012, funded by the Jean Monnet Programme. 

Workshop on ‘”We the People” A new object of democratic analysis’ (co-organized with Sofia Näsström), ECPR Joint Sessions, St. Gallen, April 2011


Symposium on Michael Saward, The Representative Claim, University of Exeter, October 2010


Panel at the ECPR conference, Potsdam 2009


APSA Roundtable on ‘Social Capital and Inequality’, Boston, August 2008

- (Co-organiser of) the Conference on "Democratic Representation" at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver May 2006


- Panel on "Changing ideas of accountability, responsibility and representation in democratic governance", 3rd ECPR Conference, Budapest, September 2005

- Panel on "Representation and participation in democratic theory", at the MPSA Annual Conference, Chicago, April 2005

- Research Workshop on "The transformation of Representation", CDATS, Georgetown University, Washington DC, June 2004



- The public discourse of law and politics in multilingual societies (IILS, Onati, 6-8 June, 2001)

- EURESCO Conference on "Social Capital: Interdisciplinary Perspectives" (Exeter, September 2001)

- Colloquium on "Constitutionalism, democracy and citizenship" (University of Exeter, November 2000)




� �The Culture of Toleration�, Conference of the Association of Social and Legal Philosophy (University of Exeter, April 2000)

� 1999 Conference of Political Thought (St. Catherine College, Oxford), January 1999

� �The Constitution in Transformation�, Workshop in preparation of the Political Studies Special Issue (UEA, September 1995)

� �History and Theory in National Contexts� (University of Exeter, November 1994)

� �The Constitution of Europe� (University of Exeter, June 1993)

� �Public and Private Spheres in the Eighteenth Century� (University of Exeter, May 1992 and March 1993)

� �The Greening of Politics� (University of Exeter, March 1991)

� �Open Forum on Easter Europe� (University of Exeter, February 1990)

� �La Trasformazione della Sinistra Italiana� (University of Palermo, November 1989).

Awards and Visiting Positions

1983-85: Three one-year Research Awards from Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Torino

1988: Visiting Fellow, Research School of Social Sciences, Australia National University, Canberra

1995: Visiting Scholar, Zentrum f�r Europ�ische Rechtspolitik, University of Bremen

1996: Guest Editor of Political Studies Special Issue

1999: �Gaetano Mosca Lecture� February 1999, Dipartimento di Politica, Stato e Diritto, University of Palermo

2000 (July): Course on �Supranational and International Democracy� as part of the 8th IWM International Summer School in Political Philosophy (Cortona) organized by the Institut f�r die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Vienna).

2000 (October): Course on �Cosmopolitismo ed Istituzioni Sovranazionali� as part of the Global Governance Programme at Scuola Superiore St. Anna (Pisa).

2001 (July): Plenary Lecture for the 28th Annual Hume Society Conference, University of Victoria, BC

2001 (September): Chair of the Organizing Committee for the EURESCO Conference on �Social Capital: Interdisciplinary Perspectives� (jointly funded by the European Science Foundation and the European Commission).

2003-2004: Forum Visiting Fellow, Robert Schuman Centre and European University Institute, Florence, for the Forum on �European Constitutionalism�

2003-04: Member of the High-Level Group, commissioned by the Council of Europe to write a Green Paper on the �Future of European Democracy�

2003-2005: Visiting Faculty Fellow at the Center for Democracy and the Third Sector, Georgetown University, Washington DC

2004-2005: Visiting Professor at the New School University, New York

2006-07: Member of the ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowships Referee Panel

2007: Member of Evaluation Panel of >node< (New Orientations for Democracy in Europe), a research programme of the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development (RFT).

2008: Gaetano Mosca Chair, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, University of Turin

External Examiner

1999-202: MSc in Social and Political Theory, Birkbeck College, London

2001-2003: BA in Politics, UEA (Norwich).

2005-2008: BA in Politics, University of Edinburgh


2005-2008: BA in Politics, UWE (Bristol)

2009-2012: MA in Intellectual History (Sussex)

2012-2015: BA in Politics (Reading)




Current research and activities