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Dr Dario Castiglione

Research Interests

Main Research Interests

My main field of interest is political theory and its history, with particular application to contemporary European developments.

Main areas of research comprise:

· Democracy, citizenship and constitutionalism in Europe, with particular application to the development of the European Union as both a ‘polity’ and a ‘regime’.

· Democratic theory and the interconnection between state and society, in particular ideas of representation and accountability, civil society and social capital, public and private.

· European ideas and the history of political thought; with particular interest in the early modern republican and the jurisprudential traditions; the Scottish Enlightenment, and the debate about commerce and morality; the historiography of political thought and its methodological implications; philosophical scepticism.

Research Projects

My main research interest at the moment is in the area of political representation, although I am concluding several projects on European democracy and on more historical subjects. My interest in political representation developed while I was a Research Fellow at the Georgetown 'Centre for Democracy and the Third Sector', where I organized several initiatives together with Professor Mark Warren. On the them of representation in Europe, I am at present collaborating with Sandra Kroeger, who is Marie-Curie Fellow in Exeter for two years.

In the past, I have been part of a number of research projects financed by either the ESRC or the European Commission on issues of European democracy, constitutionalism, new governance, and citizenship.


Main Research Grants

· 2011-2013: Grant in support of FP7 Intra-European Marie Curie fellowship (Dr Sandra Kroeger): 192.850Euros

· 2004-2007: IP on ‘New Methods of Governance’ (NEWGOV), Exeter Partner: 20,000Euros

· 2002-2005: RTD consortium on ‘Citizenship and democratic legitimacy in the European Union (CIDEL), Exeter Partner: 162,694 Euros

· 2001: EURESCO Conference on ‘Social Capital: Interdisciplinary Perspectives’, sponsored by ESF and EC (plus a £3,000 contribution from the OEOS ESRC Programme): 45,000Euros

· 1999-2002: ESRC Research Grant on ‘Strategies of Civic Inclusion in Pan-European Civil Society’ (main co-ordinator) as part of the Programme on ‘One Europe or Several’: £161,090

· 1998-2000: TSER Network on European Citizenship (EURCIT), Scientist in Charge for Exeter: 29,220ECU (Exeter’s share)

· 1998-99: ESRC Research Grant on ‘Citizenship and sovereignty in a mixed polity’ (together with Professor Richard Bellamy, Reading): £41,913 (R000222446)

· 1994-97: ESRC Research Grant on ‘Principles and languages of the constitution of Europe’ (together with Professor Richard Bellamy, Reading): £24,140 (R000221170)


Editorial Collaborations

Editor of ECPR Press

Associate Editor of the European Journal of Political Theory

Member of the editorial board of the online, peer-reviewed journal: InTransizione

Reader for Publishers: Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Manchester University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Routledge, Polity, Sage, Continuum.

Academic Journals, American Political Science Review, British Journal of Political Science, European Journal of Political Research, History of Political Thought, Political Studies, Journal of Political Philosophy, Journal of Common Market Studies, British Journal of the History of Philosophy, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Res Publica, Review of International Political Economy, Contemporary Political Theory, European Journal of Political Theory, The Journal of European Integration, Journal of International Relations, European Journal of Philosophy, European Journal of International Relations, The Swiss Political Science Review, Hume Studies, Constellations, Theoria, Perspectives on European Politics and Society, Polity, International Studies Perspectives, Policy and Politics, International Studies Review, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Government and Opposition, Journal of Social Policy, Politics, Philosophy Politics and Economics, Ratio Juris.

Referee for Grant and Post-doctoral Fellowship:

ESRC (UK), the SSHR Canada, the Italian Ministry for University and Research, the European Commission for FP7, the European Science Foundation, the Dutch Research Council, and the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).

Research Supervision

Theories of Democracy and civil society
Constitutionalism: Theory and history
The development of the European Union: constitutional and democratic issues
Citizenship and social capital
History of political thought: methods and approaches
17th and 18th political thought, with particular reference to the Scottish Enlightenment, republicanism, natural law theories
The political thought of authors such as David Hume, Bernard Mandeville

Research Students

I am supervising the following research students:

Marios Filis (PhD February 2013)

Alexandra Bohme

Jan Pieter Beetz

Keith Sutherland

Laura Moralee

Farhad Kerimov (second supervisor)

Martin Moorby (co-supervisor)