Photo of Professor Claire Dunlop

Professor Claire Dunlop

Research Interests

  • Cognitive Theories of Decision-Making
  • Comparative Public Policy (in particular UK, EU and North America)
  • Epistemic Communities
  • Knowledge Production
  • Policy Learning
  • Regulation and Public Policy (in particular pertaining to agriculture, the environment, food safety and energy policy)
  • Risk Governance
  • Science and Politics
  • Scientific Advisory Structures
  • Theories of Public Policy and Analysis

Research Supervision

I am happy to consider PhD supervision in any of the areas outlined above. Feel free to send me an email to explore further.

Research Students

I am / have been first or co-supervisor to seven students:

Andrea Begley 'Europeanisation of Health Policy in Northern Ireland'. (October 2016 onwards with Dr Sarah Cooper)

Titilayo Soremi ‘Narrative Policy Framework and Sustainable Development in Nigeria’. (January 2015 onwards with Prof. Claudio Radaelli)

Kai Wang ‘An Investigation of Interdisciplinary Research Patterns in R&D Biotechnology Sector in China’. (2010 onwards with Prof. John Dupre). PhD Awarded December 2012. External examiner: Dr Xiaobai Chen, University of Edinburgh. Kai now has a research position at the University of Science and Technology, China.

Eric Twum ‘Environmental Financial Assurance as a Regulatory Tool in Developing Countries: Case Study of Ghanaian Mining Bonds’ (co-supervised with Prof. Andrew Massey). PhD Awarded November 2012. External examiner: Dr Reginald Cline-Cole, University of Birmingham. 

Sarah Cooper ‘Europeanization of Abortion Policy: Comparing Ireland and the UK’. PhD Awarded February 2012. External examiner: Prof. Dorte Martinsen, University of Copenhagen. Sarah is now associate lecturer at the University of Exeter. Sarah is now Associate Lecturer at the University of Exeter.

Fabrizio de Francesco ‘Diffusion of Regulatory Impact Assessment’ (co-supervised with Prof. Claudio Radaelli). External examiner: Prof. Andrew Jordan, University of East Anglia. PhD Awarded October 2010. Fabrizio is now Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde.

Julia Neville ‘Explaining the Variations in the Development of Municipal General Hospitals in 1930s Devon: Comparing Plymouth and Exeter’. PhD Awarded March 2010. External examiner: Prof. John Stewart, Glasgow Caledonian University. Julia is Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter.

I am / have been second supervisor to several students:

Anas Buera ‘Narratives of The Libyan Leaders: Lessons from The Authoritarian Epoch’ (first supervisor Prof. Claudio Radaelli). PhD Awarded September 2015.

Ayako Nakamura ‘Is Culture Measurable?: Organizational Culture of Risk Using The Case of Prison and Privatization in England and Japan’ (first supervisor Prof. Oliver James). PhD Awarded December 2011. Ayako is now Assistant Professor at Musashino University in Tokyo.

Ahmed Badran ‘Management of Privatized Public Utilities; a Network Perspective on the Regulatory Process’ (first supervisor Prof. Oliver James). PhD Awarded March 2010. Ahmed is now Assistant Professor at Qatar Univerity.

Research fellows current and past: Serkan Celyk (2006-07); Jonathan Kamkhaji (since April 2012); Nicola Corkin (April 2012-September 2013).


PhD Examinations

I have been internal examiner to a variety of PhDs at the University of Exeter:

Kathleen Lund (2005) ‘A study of Devon elites’; Tom Richardson (2010) ‘Science and the politics of sustainability’; Lorna Schrefler (2012) ‘The role of economic analysis in the decision-making process of Independent Regulatory Agencies’; Abdullah Dhawi Alotaibi (2012) ‘Civil aviation policy and privatisation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’; Pietro Berto (2014) 'Biofuel policy-making in the UK'; Helena Cook (2014) 'Descriptive and symbolic representation in New Zealand and the UK'; Adrian Millican (2015) 'Voting: Duty, Obligation or the Job of a Good Citizen?'.

I have been external examiner to a variety of PhDs:

Daniel Fitzpatrick (2011) ‘Regulation in the British Political Tradition’, University of Sheffield; Jessica Templeton (2011) ‘Framing elite discourse: Science and the Stockholm Convention on Persistant Organic Pollutants’, London School of Economics and Political Science; Ozan Balci (2015) 'Administrative Reforms and District Governors in Turkey', University of Southampton; Rebecca O'Neill (2016) 'Claims, Trains and Evidence: The Case of HS2', University of Birmingham.