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Photo of Dr Robert Fish

Dr Robert Fish

Associate Research Fellow

I am a human geographer and social scientist by training with a longstanding interest in the culture and environment of rural areas. My work is interdisciplinary and policy orientated, centring primarily on the theory and practice of sustainable land management. Current work spans issues of both natural resource management and environmental protection.

I have recently left the Centre to take up a position as Reader in Human Ecology at the University of Kent. I still keeps close links with the Centre. To contact me please use this link.

Research interests

1. Sustainable agro-food systems, particularly at the interface of land and water.  My research focuses on understanding the emerging contours of land use policy and how these play out in patterns of land use and styles of management, particularly imperatives for food security, bio-security and most notably water quality.  Understanding how farming publics think about, and rationalise these issues is an important part of this.

2. Critical exploration (and development) of integrated frameworks for environmental governance. I am particularly interested in the emergence of ecosystem based approaches to natural resource management and interrogating the category of ‘ecosystem services’ in applied and theoretical ways.


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Journal articles

Fish, R.D., Lobley, M and Winter, D.M (In Press) A License to produce? Farmer interpretations of the new food security agenda. Journal of Rural Studies

Oliver, D. M. Fish, R. D., Winter, M..Hodgson, C. Heathwaite, A. L., and Chadwick, D. R. (In press) Valuing local knowledge as a source of expert data: farmer engagement and the design of decision support systems Environmental Modelling & Software

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Book Chapters

Haines-Young, R.and Fish, R. (2009): Hypothesis Testing. In: Kitchen, R. & Trift, N. (eds): International Encyclopaedia of Human Geography, Vol 5: 264-270. Oxford: Elsevier

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Refereed Conference proceedings

Butler, A., Oliver, D. M., Chadwick, D., Fish, R., Winter, M., Hodgson, C., and Heathwaite, A. L. (2009). Modelling the mitigation mix: faecal microbes, economic constraints and sustainable land management. Proceeding of the Agricultural Economics Society 83rd Annual Conference, Irish Management Institute, Dublin, March 31st to April 2nd 2009.

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Fish, R (2006) What kind of narrative for what kind of future? Designing unaccomplished space-time. In Warren M. and Yarwood R. The rural citizen: Governance, culture and well being in the 21st century (University of Plymouth) ISBN 1-84102-155-5

Fish R., Seymour, S. and Watkins, C. (2001) Ideas of history and the management of landscapes for conservation. (University of Valladolid) pp. 1-12 ISBN 84-699-4986-1

Other Notable Publications

Fish, R., Burgess, J. Church. A., and Turner, K. (2011) Shared values for the contributions ecosystem services make to human wellbeing  - Chapter 24 of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment

Fish, R., Burgess, J., Chilvers, J. Footitt, A., Haines-Young, R. Russel, D., Turner, K. & Winter, D.M  (2011)  Participatory and Deliberative Techniques for Embedding an Ecosystems Approach into Decision Making. An Introductory Guide. Produced for Defra (NR-0124)

Fish, R., Burgess, J., Footitt, A., & Turner. K (2011) Participatory and deliberative techniques to support the monetary and nonmonetary valuation of ecosystem services: An Introductory Guide. Produced for Defra (NR-0124)


Research supervision

Cheryl Willis - Harnessing Nature’s Benefits: Problems and Prospects for Recognising the Environmental Basis of Regional Tourist Economies (ESRC-CASE Studentship with Dorset County Council, 2009-2012)

Colin Nolden - Building capacity for climate change action in rural communities (2010-2013)

Tim Wilkinson -Perceptions of Exmoor National Park and impact on the local tourism economy' (ESRC-CASE Studentship with Exmoor National Park Authority, 2010-2013)


I was awarded a first class BSc Hons degree in Geography from Coventry University in 1995 and a PhD from the University of Leicester in 2000. I have held research fellowships in the Universities of Nottingham and Lancaster and have been a Lecturer in Human Geography at the Universities of Nottingham and Exeter (Cornwall Campus). Alongside my position as Senior Research Fellow in CRPR, I am currently a visiting fellow in the Centre for Environmental Management, University of Nottingham, and the Centre for Sustainable Water Management, University of Lancaster.

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