Dr Gordon Morris

Research Interests

Rural development, local government, governance, England's small towns ("market towns"), community-led development.

Research note

Food banks in England’s Small Towns in 2016 (2013 survey revisited)

This note summarizes the results of a survey designed to find out how many small country towns in England have food banks.  The data gathered suggest that the number of food banks in small towns is growing.  The implications of this for rural areas are not clear, but it is safe to infer that the long standing problems associated with rural disadvantage will be exacerbated by this trend.


Book review

Review – Reclaiming Local Democracy: A progressive future for local government
Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, Issue 19, December 2016.

Journal articles

Morris, G. (2012). Leading Communities: Community-led Development in England’s Small Towns: the Market Towns Initiative. Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, (11), 33–52.

Morris, G. (2014). What’s left, what’s been done and what next? England ’s 2000 Rural White Paper: Town council activities and a survey of town clerks. Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance

Morris, G. (2015). Who will look after England’s rural disadvantaged now? Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, (16/17), 31–59. http://doi.org/http://dx.doi.org/10.5130/cjlg.v0i0.4485


With Nichols, C. (2007). Strengthening the Role of Local Councillors: An overview of information, Strengthening the role of rural councillors: An overview of information, policy and debate. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK.

Edited document

Morris, S.T., Davies, G.D.D., and Dunford, W.J. (Morris, G., Ed.). (2011). The Culm Measures Problem Area ("The Holsworthy Study): a report from the 1950s. Exeter.


Visiting Lecturer, Bournemouth University, Social Policy and Criminology