Dr Raimondas Ibenskas


Marie Curie Research Fellow

Raimondas joined the Department of Politics in Exeter in January 2014, as a Marie Curie Research Fellow. He was awarded an individual research grant by the European Commission as part of the Marie Curie-Sklodowska actions programme for working on the project  “Unstable Party Supply in Established and New European Democracies” (grant no. IEF-330446). He holds a PhD in Political Science from Trinity College Dublin (2012) and an MA in Political Science awarded with Distinction by the Central European University (2007).

Prior to joining Exeter, he was a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Gothenburg, in the Department of Political Science and the Center for European research (CERGU), funded by the Swedish Institute through its Visby programme. He was also a research fellow at Trinity College Dublin (2012). He gained experience in applied public policy research by working for the Public Policy and Management Institute in Vilnius, Lithuania (2007-2008).

Raimondas’ research interests lie in the field of comparative politics with a specific focus on political parties and party systems. The main strand of his research examines key yet under-studied aspects of instability of political parties, such as party splits, mergers, and electoral coalitions, in both Western and Eastern Europe. His other research projects have examined party organisation, retrospective economic voting, and the application of quantitative text analysis in the research on EU lobbying.


Ibenskas, Raimondas. Forthcoming. “Understanding Pre-Electoral Coalitions in Central and Eastern Europe.” British Journal of Political Science.

Bunea, Adriana and Raimondas Ibenskas. Forthcoming 2015. “Quantitative text analysis and the study of EU lobbying and interest groups .” European Union Politics. 16(3).

Ibenskas, Raimondas. 2014. “Activists or money? Explaining the electoral success and persistence of political parties in Lithuania.” Party Politics 20 (6): 879-889.


Courses at Exeter: POL2069 Democracy in Eastern Europe, in 2014 and 2015. Raimondas also served as a teaching assistant on the courses “Introduction to Political Science” and “Comparative Politics” at Trinity College Dublin.