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Other Information

links related to politics, public services and public organisation:

Government organisations:

A starting point for accessing information on the UK public sector. The organisational index of public bodies is particularly helpful.

A good access point for information about current developments in OECD countries, the public management service produces reports on reforms (for example personnel, budgeting etc) many of which are accessible on this site

This site is the best place to find information on the Civil Service and new central government public sector initiatives

The UK National Audit Office produces a range of material about the public sector, the value for money (vfm) reports offer a goldmine of information about contemporary organisation and issues around efficiency and effectiveness.

Academic links and organisations:

A major ESRC funded programme on public services

The UK Political Studies Association site has news, reviews, conference information including contact details for the Public Administration specialist group

The American Political Science Association site, news, reviews and conference material including material on the Public Policy and Public Administration sections of the Association.

The American Society for Public Administration site contains news, reviews and information on conferences.

Access pint for the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, European Group of Public Administration and International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration.