Photo of Dr Nick Kirsop-Taylor

Dr Nick Kirsop-Taylor

Lecturer (Cornwall)

I am a Lecturer (Education and Scholarship) in the Politics department of the University of Exeter in Cornwall. I convene a number of undergraduate modules in environmental politics and public administration.

I conduct research in Public Policy and Administration, with a special interest in the environmental and sustainability orientations of these. I am an active member of the international environmental politics academic community. I am also Secretary of Political Studies Association's Early Career Network. 



Research interests

I conduct research in Public Policy and Administration, with a special interest in the environmenal and sustainability orientations of these. My current research is engaged with three broad themes: the changing nature of environmental governance under contemporary European political agenda (brexit, austerity etc); conceptual and empirical enquiries into radical green bureaucrats and environmental public agencies; and the contemporary environmental voluntary sector, its role, contributions, and changing dyanmics. 

External impact and engagement

 My research has direct impact upon British and international environmental/natural resource public agencies. I have previously worked with the full spectrum of UK agencies and continue to build relationships that will deliver impact with international bodies and agencies. 


Prior to becoming an academic I spent ten years working across a broad spectrum of public and voluntary environmental organisations. These professional experiences have contributed towards an academic identity that is intensely problem-orienteted, with a keen focus on working partnerships with external partners to deliver tangible impacts.

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