Photo of Dr Sandra Kröger

Dr Sandra Kröger


Extension: 3285

Telephone: 01392 263285

Senior Lecturer

I am interested in topics to do with democracy in the EU and with European integration. In my recent empirical research, I have Iooked at different forms of non-electoral forms of political representation, on the one hand, and the norms that can – or should – be underlying the institutional design of representative institutions in the EU, on the other. An on-going focus of my research is the role national parliaments can and should have in EU policy-making, and which institutional design can support the continued politicization of EU affairs in domestic arenas. I am increasingly interested in the topics of Euroscepticism and differentiated integration. Earlier research focused on the Open Method of Coordination (OMC), and particularly the governance architecture of the OMC inclusion and its application in France, Germany and at the EU-level.

In my teaching, which I greatly enjoy, I seek to involve students as much as possible as active agents of their learning, so as to develop critical, independent thinking as well as group and expression skills. This leads me to rely a lot on group discussions, role plays - both smaller ones and in the form of simulations - as well small research exercises in the class room. I was truly honoured, in 2016, to be the runner-up for the category 'Innovative teaching' in the UoE Teaching Awards.