Photo of Dr Sandra Kröger

Dr Sandra Kröger

Research Interests

  • European integration and Europeanization
  • Democratic theory
  • Organised civil society
  • Parliaments in the EU
  • Euroscepticism
  • Differentiated integration

I have been involved in a number of projects on the Open Method of Coordination. I have also participated in a multi-lateral research project on European Social and Economic Governance in the EU, to which I contributed a study on Corporate Social Responsibility in the UK, Germany and the EU. More recent projects were concerned with political representation in the EU, in both electoral and non-electoral forms: I have edited a number of volumes and special issues, organised several conferences, workshops, sections and panels on the same topic and am also the convenor of the Standing Group on Political Representation with ECPR (jointly with Johannes Pollak). Of late, I have become more interested in the issues of differentiated integration and Euroscepticism and plan to focus my future research around these topics.

Any proposals of dissertations that focus on the above listed topics would be highly welcome.