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Photo of Dr Thomas Loughran

Dr Thomas Loughran

Research Associate, Horizon 2020 Differentiation: Clustering Excellence Project (DiCE)

Thomas Loughran is a Postdoctoral Research Associate on the Horizon 2020 'Differentiation: Clustering Excellence Project' ( He will be working with PI Dr Sandra Kröger on designing, conducting and analysing two expert surveys that elicit experts’ views on the broader question of European integration, Europe’s options, the costs and benefits of differentiation, and different scenarios for future differentiation. The focus of the project is on generating policy-relevant information and links.

He is primarily a quantitative researcher with experience of designing and analysing public opinion and expert surveys on British and European politics. Prior to working at Exeter he was Research Fellow on the Leverhulme Trust funded Project 'Lowering the Voting age in the UK' at the University of Huddersfield and he has also been a Lecturer in Quantitative and Electoral Politics at the University of Manchester. He completed a PhD from the University of Manchester in 2016 which explored the relationship between political values and vote choice in 15 European countries using advanced quantitative analysis. His primary research and teaching interests are political values in Europe, the politics of the voting age, young people's politics, research design and quantitative resarch methods, electoral politics, European politics and British politics.


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‘Disruptive Norms - Assessing the impact of ethnic minority immigration on non-immigrant voter turnout using a complex model’. Social Science Computer Review. .

Loughran, T., Mycock, A. and Tonge, J. (2019). 'Votes at 16'and Lessons From 1969. Political Insight, 10(3). pp.32-35.

Loughran, T., Lessard-Phillips, L., Fieldhouse, E. and Edmonds, B. (2015). The Voter Model – a long description.

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