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Dr Alice Moseley

External Engagement and Impact

Giving Time: A Learning Event on Fostering Civic Engagement (ESRC Project) - Nov 2015

In Nov 2015 along with the National Association for Neighbourhood Management I co-organised a one day learning event with 70 Local Government and Third Sector Practitioners and fellow academic colleagues Prof Peter John (PI, UCL), Prof Oliver James (Exeter), Prof Gerry Stoker (Southampton), Liz Richardson (Mancester) and Dr Matt Ryan (Southampton) on the Gviing Time Project.

The day was a lively exchange of ideas and best practices about how best to encourage volunteering, sparked off with key research findings from field experiments we conducted as part of the ESRC Giving Time project. Our experiments attempted to work out how to boost volunteering amongst Older People, Students, Housing Association Residents, and how to encourage greater diversity amongst candidates standing for parish council elections.

The experiments used 'social information', ie information about what other people contribute, and other 'nudges' informed by psyhological theory and behavioural economics. We focused on distilling key msessages from the research to inform practice amongst organisations trying to enhance volunteering.

This was a two way street as practitioners were able to give ideas about future experiments and help us interpret our findings as well as explaining what the findings meant to them. We had lively debates about using randomised controlled trials to inform practice and the use of Extreme Citizen Science as a form of citizen contribution to the public good. Guest academics and practitioners including Prof Muki Haklay (UCL), and Justin Davis-Smith (NCVO, now CASS Business Scbool) contributed keynote speeches.

See the live tweets from practitioners engaged in the Learning Event here:

And blogs from keynote speakers: and

Personalisation and Choice in Health and Social care - Feb 2015

In Feb 2015 with Devon County Council I organised a Research Sandpit and Learning Event attended by a group of over twenty health and social care service users, practitioners from Devon County Council and locally based Voluntary Sector and Infrastructure Organisations, as well as fellow academics from Exeter.

The aim of the day was to think through strategies for researching ways of supporting service users to access information and make choices regarding health and social care in the context of Personal Budgets and the 2014 Care Act. Key findings from research were discussed and practitioners and service users gave their views on how they could best be supported. The event was a great opportunity for practitioners to engage with one another and to discover what different organisations were doing to facilitate service user choice, and a chance to hear about cutting edge research on advice, information and choice.

The event was funded by The University of Exeter's Catalyst Fund with support and assistance from Devon County Council.