Dr Mansour Nsasra


Honorary University Fellow

Dr. Mansour Nasasra is a scholar of International Relations and Middle East Politics. Before joining the Department of Politics and Government at BGU, Mansour was a Lecturer in Middle East Politics and Conflict Resolution at the Department of Politics, University of Exeter, where he also completed a PhD in Politics in 2011. His research focuses on how the dynamics of power and state-building influence the ways minorities in the Middle East interact with the state. He is a co-editor of The Naqab Bedouin and Colonialism: New Perspectives (Routledge, 2014). His forthcoming book, "The Naqab Bedouins: A Century of Politics and Resistance" will be published by Columbia University Press, 2016.

Currently, Mansour is researching the Oslo Peace Paradigm, 20 years after the peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, looking mainly at the limitations and the success of Oslo. The exclusion of Jerusalem and the Palestinians in Israel from the peace agreement is key to his current  research project+ the Politics of Education in East Jerusalem (the awqaf and the municipal schools in East Jerusalem). 



د. منصور النصاصرة

محاضر وباحث في دراسات الشرق الاوسط والعلاقات الدولية 

جامعة اكستر بريطانيا

مركز الدراسات البريطانية - القدس

اهتمامات بحثية في مجال البدو والدولة الحديثة في الشرق الاوسط 

اتفاقيات اوسلو 

الاحزاب والحركات الاسلامية لدى عرب ال 48

القدس واتفاقيات اوسلو

بدو جنوب فلسطين والنقب