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Dr Mansour Nsasra

External Engagement and Impact


  • 2014: The Politics of Non-cooperation and Lobbying: The Arab Minority and the Israeli Military Rule, 1948-1967, (WOCMES), Ankara, 22 August, 2014.
  • 2013: Middle East Association for North America (MESA), New Orleans. Presentation Entitled “Resistance to Colonialism: The Southern Palestine Bedouin Tribes under the British and the Ottoman Rule, 1900-1948, 10-13 October, 2013.
  • 2013: Queens University, Canada (The Bader International Study Centre- Sussex), Presentation Entitled “Traditional Conflict Resolution in the Middle East, 20 June, 2013.
  • 2012: 11th Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA. Presentation entitled “Bedouin Rights in Israel”, 07-18 May, 2012.
  • 2012: UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA, Side Event presentation “Land Ownership during the British Mandate in Palestine”, 14 May, 2012.
  • 2012: Israel’s Denial of the Bedouin, Houses of Parliament, London. A panel discussion organised by Hon Bob Russell MP and Minority Rights Groups. Presentation entitled “Negev Bedouin land ownership and the Prawer report”. 30 November, 2012.
  • 2012: Israeli Studies Association, Haifa University, Israel. Presentation Entitled “The Social and Economic Advancement of the Arab minority in Israel: Contrasting Government Policies”, 25-27 June, 2012.
  • 2012: Israeli Studies, SOAS, London. Presentation Entitled “The Negev Bedouin in Israel and the Prawer case”, 15 March, 2012
  • 2011: 'Past is Present: Settler-Colonialism in Palestine' conference, SOAS. Presentation entitled “The ongoing struggle in the Naqab: the case of the Bedouin Village of al- ‘Araqib, 05-06-March, 2011.
  • 2011: ‘Demolitions & Discrimination against Palestinian Citizens of Israel: Land Ownership under the Ottoman and the British legacies. Amnesty International, London. Lecture entitled” Bedouin Land Ownership in Israel”. 17 October, 2011.
  • 2010: Amnesty International: Moderator for the event ‘unrecognized’ Bedouin villages in Israel, Amnesty Offices, London. 04 November, 2010.
  • 2009: Contemporary Fieldwork in the Middle East: Practices, Possibilities and Politics, SOAS. Presentation entitled “Fieldwork Inside Out: Reflections on the Politics and Ethics of Fieldwork among the Naqab Bedouin in Israel/Palestine”, 17 July 2009.
  • 2008: Annual Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Conference, Washington. Presentation entitled “Resistance to the State: The Naqab Bedouin under Ottoman and British Rule 1900-1948” 20-21 November, 2008.
  • 5
  • 2003: Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey. International Seminar on the Ottoman Empire, seminar participation. June 15, 2003.
  • 2014: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, International Relations Department: Lecture Entitled: “Ruling the Desert: Ottoman and British Policies towards the Negev and Transjordan Bedouin tribes, 1900-1948.
  • 2014: The Arava Institute, Arava: Lecture Entitled: Ruling the Desert: the Palestine Police and the Revolt of 1936-39.
  • 2014: Ben Gurion University, Man in the Desert Department, Sde Boker. Lecture entitled: Ottoman and British Policies in Transjordan and Southern Palestine.
  • 2014: The Academic College of Ashkelon. Lecture for Arab Students: Doing PhD in the UK.
  • 2013: The University of Haifa, Department of Middle Eastern History: Lecture Entitled: Resistance to Colonialism: “The Southern Palestine under the Ottoman and the British Rule”, 09 April, 2013.
  • 2013: Ben Gurion University, Department of Middle East Studies: Departmental Seminar “The Bedouin in southern Palestine 1917-1948”, 08 January, 2013.
  • 2013: Ben Gurion University, Department of Politics: Lecture Entitled: “Power and Resistance”: “The Southern Palestine Bedouin 1917-1948”, 07 January, 2013.
  • 2012: Ben Gurion University, Man in the Desert Department, Sde Boker. Lecture Entitled: “The Southern Palestine Bedouin and the British Mandate, Resistance to Colonialism”, 27 December 2012.
  • 2011: Hult, International Business School, London. Lecture Entitled: “The Arab Minority in Israel”, 11 November 2010.
  • 2010: Plymouth Bussiness School, Plymouth. Lecture Entitled: Indigenous Peoples and the state in the Middle East”, December