Photo of Dr Alex Prichard

Dr Alex Prichard

External Engagement and Impact

Funded by the ESRC, Dr Prichard, Professor Ruth Kinna and Dr Thomas Swann have been working closely with the Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England Regional Administration of the Industrial Workers of the World, a revolutionary syndicalist union, and Radical Routes, a netowrk of over fifty radical worker and housing cooperatives accross the UK. Our method of coproduction has led us to develop mutual insights with these partners into the ways in which radically horizontalist and anarchistic organisations like these constitutionalise. 

Dr Prichard and Professor Kinna (Loughborough) have subseqently secured a large grant from Loughborough University and the HEA to develop the impact of their ESRC-funded research into anarchist constitutionalism. This has resulted in close collaboration led by Dr Thomas Swann, with two further groups, Seeds for Change and Common Weal, issuing in new training documents for the former and a new constitutional process for Common Weal.

Collaborative partnerships have also been established with the Pirate Party of Iceland, who count a number of anarchists in their membership, and who have been real innovators in radical democratic participation.