Photo of Dr Jason Reifler

Dr Jason Reifler


Associate Professor

I am currently a Senior Lecturer of Politics at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. I study political behaviour, with most of my time devoted to studying public opinion about foreign policy, correcting factual misperceptions held by citizens, and voting behaviour.  A more detailed explanation of my research–with links to my publications and working papers–can be found below.

At Exeter, I am currently teaching War and Public Opinion and Experimental Research in the Social Sciences.  I moved to Exeter in September 2013. I was previously on the faculty at Georgia State University (2007-2013), where I was promoted to Associate Professor before trying a new adventure overseas.

I received a BA from Colby College and a PhD from Duke University.  Prior to grad school, I spent four years in Washington, DC working for the polling firm Bennett, Petts, and Blumenthal.

I am married and have two daughters, Eleanor and Lila.  When I am not doing political science, I spend time playing with my family, cooking, making terrible noises on a guitar, or watching my favourite sports teams.