Dr Duncan Russel

Research Interests

My current research activities are in the following areas:

1) Policy appraisal and environmental decision making

2) The politicisation of science, evidence and knowledge in environmental policy making.

3) Coordinating policy in the United Kingdom and European Union for sustainable development.

4) Climate politics

5) The politics of budgets


Current projects:

Principle Investigator. Defra, Scottish Government, Government, NERC, ESRC, AHRC-funded National Ecosystem Follow-up Work Package 8. Institutional behaviours and cultures and the uptake of ecological knowledge (2012-2014)

Co-investigator and Work Package Leader. European FP7-funded project, BASE: Bottom-up Climate Adaptation Strategies. http://base-adaptation.eu/


Co-investigator. ESRC seminar series on the Green Economy.  

Recent projects:

Co-investigator. NERC Valuing Nature Network BRIDGE project: Examining the supply and demand of ecological knowledge for decision making (2011-2012).

Co-investigator, with Robert Fish (PI) and others. Defra: Participatory and deliberative techniques for embedding an ecosystems approach into decision (2009-2010)

Co-investigator, with John Turnpenny (PI). Nuffield Foundation (SGS/37317): Connecting Science and Policy: The Impact of the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee on the Implementation of Sustainable Development in the United Kingdom. (2009-2010)

Principle Investigator. Funder: ESRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship Scheme (award number: PTA-026-27 1094). Title: Environmental policy appraisal for sustainable development: An interdisciplinary analysis. (2006-2007)

Research Supervision

UK and European Environmental Policy, Public Policy, Policy Appraisal, Policy Coordination, Evidence and Policy Interactions,  Climate Change politics

Research Students

Riccaro Harmes - Sustainible development, Globalisation and Localism

Michail Melidis - EU environmental policy

Charles Eghweree - Nigerian oil politics and development

Nick Kirsop-Taylor - Ecostsem Services and policy implementation


I am hppy to supervise students in the areas of environmental policy, evidence-based policy, climate change and regulatory politics.