Photo of Dr Andrew Schaap

Dr Andrew Schaap

Research Interests

My broad area of research is contemporary political theory, with particular interests in democratic theory. My first book, Political Reconciliation drew on the thought of Hannah Arendt to conceptualize reconciliation as a political undertaking in societies divided by a history of state violence. I am currently working on a book on Hannah Arendt and Jacques Ranciere, provisionally entitled Civlity and Emancipation: Hannah Arendt and Jacques Ranciere.

Research Supervision

I am able to supervise research students in contemporary political theory and critical IR theory as well as projects that combine theoretical analysis with an empirical focus. Within political theory, I am particularly interested in supervising students who want to examine or draw on the political thought of Hannah Arendt, Jacques Rancière, Carl Schmitt, Claude Lefort, Antonio Negri, Michel Foucault, Giorgio Agamben and/or Etienne Balibar. More substantively, I am interested in supervising students working on radical politics, democratic theory, biopolitics, indigenous rights and political reconciliation (including collective responsibility, forgiveness, transitional justice and commemorative practices).

Research Students

Rebecca Mavin, The Corporeal Experiences of Asylum Seekers in Western Democracies (co-supervised with Katharine Charlsey)

Zhangmei Tang, The Coordinates of Hannah Arendt's Philosophy (co-supervised with Robin Durie)

Andreas Karoutas, Overturning the Majority (co-supervised with Alex Prichard)

Kate Berrisford, Can Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) be reconciled with Liberalism? (lead supervisor: Robert Lamb)


Farhad Kerimov (2016) Democratic Pluralism: Asymmetric Reciprocity, Reflexivity, and Agonism (second supervisor: Dario Castiglione)

Roberto Baldoli (2015)  Aldo Capitini and the Religious Liberation of Nonviolence (lead supervisor: Claudio Radaelli)

Owen Thomas (2014) The Iraq Inquiries: Publicity, Secrecy and Liberal Security (second supervisor: John Heathershaw)

Christiane Smith (2014) Articulating Ecological Injustices (co-supervised with Bice Maiguascha)

Robin Dunford (2012) Immanent Creativity and Constitutive Power (co-supervised with Robin Durie)

Claire Harrison (2010) Rethinking Anarchism: the Politics of the Act versus the Politics of Demand (co-supervised with Bice Maiguaschca)