Photo of Professor Doug Stokes

Professor Doug Stokes


Professor of International Relations

Office Hours term 2: Tuesdays 1-3pm. 

Office = A232B Amory.


I specialize in US foreign policy, international security and transatlantic grand strategy. I have published a number of books, journal articles and book chapters in these areas. My most recent co-authored monograph is Global Energy Security and American Hegemonypublished with Johns Hopkins University Press. My most recent co-edited volume was US Foreign Policypublished by Oxford University Press. The second edition came out in 2012.

My major research focus is on the durability of US unipolarity and the utility of an American grand strategy of primacy: in what ways can the US use its military power to help manage potential decline? What is the utility of strategic unipolarity in a maturing multipolar global economy and the implications of a possible US retrenchment for transatlantic relations and international security? These are some of the ‘big’ questions I am currently working on.

To this end I have a new book project on US grand strategy, due out in 2016/7, Transatlantic geostrategy in a post-American Century. Alongside this focus on US grand strategy, I am also developing a number of projects that examine the potential implications for the UK's nascent 'National Strategy' as US and European defence priorities change. To this end, I also work closely with colleagues in Exeter's Security and Strategy Institute on funding, teaching and research development and am currently a Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and Director of Exeter’s Centre for Advanced International Studies (CAIS).