Professor Doug Stokes

Research Interests

My primary interest is US foreign policy. More specifically, I have long sought to understand the ways in which the US has helped foster, deepen and defend the ‘liberal’ world order. An early interest was on the ways in which covert, intra-state warfare had been deployed to help defend the liberal order during the Cold War period, and its continuity in the post-Cold War era, despite the collapse of the Soviet Union.

My current area of interest is on US grand strategy. In many ways, grand strategy as an organizing concept allows us to get at the heart of so many key debates about world politics: hegemonic decline; the utility of strategic power in managing interstate relations; the interrelationship between great powers and their capacity to help shape the global economy and potential future scenarios as new powers emerge within international relations. A developing interest is on the potential implications of US decline for UK national interests and policy-making, particularly in the context of austerity and post-financial crisis adaptation by the European great powers. I have a number of publications that explore the above due out over the next few years (2013-2016). 

Research Supervision

I have supervised many successful PhDs during my academic career and am happy to discuss potential supervision in the broad areas outlined above.