Photo of Dr Delacey Tedesco

Dr Delacey Tedesco

External Engagement and Impact

I am committed to disseminating my research to relevant communities and practitioner networks, and I look continually for opportunities for my research to have impact in non-academic stakeholder communities. Much of this work has taken place in Kelowna, Canada, where I lived and worked from 2007-2017. Most recently, as a concrete intervention into the celebratory colonial narratives of Canada's 150th anniversary (July 1, 2017), I became a core contributor to an Indigenous-led, Okanagan-based collaborative project called Rethink 150: Indigenous Truth. This project used creative interventions in multiple media and multiple locations to make space for Indigenous stories of the truths of colonization, to generate cross-cultural listening and learning, to develop visions of new ways of living together, and to leave a lasting, material legacy that can guide the communities of the Okanagan. Our efforts - encompassing site-specific artistic installations, community discussion events, a cross-cultural art exhibition, and alternative commemorations on July 1 - where profiled in local, provincial, national, and even international media.

I am excited by the possibilities opened up by my relocation to Cornwall. I look forward to learning about my new home and understanding, over time, how my work on landscapes in transition can be put to use here.