Photo of Mr Bill Tupman

Mr Bill Tupman

Research Interests

The appropriateness of supranational policing arrangements as a response to changing structures of organised crime including terrorism. Particularly interested in relationships between Eastern and Western Europe with regard to crime, the Schengen acquis and Justice and Home Affairs matters in the European Union.

Research Supervision

Terrorism, Organised Crime, Justice and Home Affairs policy in the European Union, Supranational response to terrorism and organised crime, terrorist financing, civil society and organised crime

Research Students

Currently supervising Abdul-Haq Baker and Jim Gales all on aspects of radicalisation. Louise Deegan on trafficking in human beings

Some past students:

Shah M. International Terrorism: Malaysias Response to Mujahiddin Group [KMM and Jemaat Islamiah [JI] Group of Malaysia Kingshott B. Ethics of Policing: A Study of English Police Codes Kausar W. “Drug Addiction Syndrome” [field work carried out in Pakistan] Beresford PCFM “The Official IRA and Republican Clubs in Nortehrn Ireland 1968-74 and their relations with other political and paramilitary groups Warner B. “The Rendition of International Politically Violent Offenders / Terrorists 1970-82 Ogunsakin O “Police and Black People’s Interactive Relationship” Geleri A “An Examination of Public Attitudes towards the use of Closed Circuit Television in Public Places” Abdelsalam H. “Violence in Egypt 1967-97” Ehteshami A “The Politics and Policies of the Iranian Second Republic”