Postgraduate Politics Modules for 2015-16

The modules in this section are applicable to students who will be studying them between September 2015 and August 2016.

If you wish to look at details for a module you studied last year please see postgraduate modules for 2014-15.

If you intend to study one of these modules from September 2016 or later, you may refer to these descriptors as a guide; but please be aware that details they contain - including (but not limited to) reading lists, duration and assessments - may change for your academic year.

The module list for September 2016 - August 2017 will be published here in March 2016 (exact date to be confirmed).

Code Module Title Credits Term(s)
POLM004M Public Sector Finance for Managers (MPA ONLY) 20 2
POLM007M The new Public Management: Principles, Practice and Prospects (MPA ONLY) 20 2
POLM008M Policy Analysis and Evaluation (MPA ONLY) 20 1
POLM013M MPA Dissertation (MPA ONLY) 60 1 and 2
POLM057 Understanding and Interpretation in Political Thought 30 2
POLM060 Global Security 30 1
POLM063 Qualitative Methods in Social Research 15 2
POLM074 Research and Knowledge Transfer for Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture 15 2
POLM077 The Politics of Human Rights 30 1
POLM082 International Relations of the Middle East 30 1, 2 and 3
POLM085 Work Placement in Conflict, Security and Development 30 1, 2 and 3
POLM100 Dissertation 60 1 and 2
POLM104 US Foreign Policy 30 2
POLM140 Qualitative Methods in Social Research 30 2
POLM145 The New Geopolitics of Peace 30 2
POLM146 Corruption, Dirty Hands and Morality in Politics 30 1
POLM807 Independent Study in Political Thought 15 2
POLM808 Independent Study in Politics 15 2
POLM860 Contemporary Continental Philosophy 30
POLM876 Dissertation Skills 15 2
POLM877 Dissertation 45 2 and 3