Law Careers Fair

Our annual careers fair will take place during October in the Great Hall and Lower Examination Hall.

Your future career

At the University of Exeter, we aim to offer as many activities as possible to help broaden your career development and equip you with the skills employers find most valuable.

Politics and International Relations alumni regularly support many of our activities.  They also provide us with insights into how their career paths developed.

The Politics Student Society also contributes to the wide variety of activities offered, including an impressive range of guest speaker events and networking opportunities.

Politics and International Relations degrees from the University of Exeter will provide you with a number of skills that are useful in professional and managerial careers.  Your understanding of complex political and cultural issues, often in continually changing environments, are essential to both business and public sector appointments.

But don't take our word for it here is what our students think:

Michael Ogden,
BA Hons Politics 2008-2011

The Politics programme is very flexible and allows you to tailor your degree to suit your employment needs. With the help of the department, I was able to focus on Public Health and obtain an internship in Local Government, which gave me both academic and practical experience.

Alex Hurley,
BA Politics 2008-2011

Tailoring my Politics degree at Exeter to enhance my future employability has always been a key priority of mine and fortunately the College of Social Sciences & International Studies has been a great help in achieving this. At each level I have found a wide range of module options available and being able to select modules from other departments is extremely useful when considering post university life.