Career development

Gaining expertise and experience in a sub-field of politics or international relations is greatly valued by employers who are seeking highly qualified professionals to work in demanding, specialist roles. The type of work you may be interested in is international development for an organisation such as the United Nations or as a research analyst for a government department such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. A postgraduate qualification is often an essential element of the selection criteria for careers at this level.

Postgraduate study

At the University of Exeter, the Politics and International Relations department offer a number of Masters programmes that will equip you with the skills and understanding to develop your expertise and specialist knowledge.

Professional development

The at Exeter is designed to help you meet the challenge of shaping and delivering effective public services.

The need to develop management and leadership skills is being recognised as increasingly important within the public sector and this has been reflected by the introduction of management competencies and a growing demand for formal qualifications for senior management positions.

The MPA is a qualification which is recognised around the world and is accorded respect not only by prospective employers but also by institutions who want to retain and progress skilled managers.

Reasons to study the Exeter MPA include:

  • Enhancing your opportunities for career progression
  • Making you stand out in a competitive job market  
  • Obtaining a wider perspective of the environment in which you work
  • Obtaining a personal sense of achievement  
  • Developing strategic decision making and leadership skills  
  • Improving your confidence and credibility in the workplace
  • Gaining more knowledge about other people and other organisations
  • Networking and sharing experiences with public sector colleagues.

We have a long history of teaching public administration and public policy to postgraduates at Exeter. Students have gone on to careers in regional governments, ministries, embassies and other organisations around the world.

Anne Harrison-Bailey
Consultation and Planning Officer, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

Since leaving university I have worked in local government and always wanted to complete a Masters degree. The MPA seemed ideal as it linked my work experience with a Masters course and would allow me to build on the skills and knowledge I had already gained through work.

The MPA at Exeter offered a wide choice of topics and a flexible modular programme which looked like it would make fitting a degree in with a full-time job much easier. The most valuable aspect is that the topics are relevant to the job I’m currently doing. After completing each module I have returned to work with a fresh perspective on the work I do and a greater understanding of the sector I work in.

Due to the international nature of the MPA I have gained a wider perspective of the topics we have been studying, which has allowed me to appreciate the administration systems we already have in place in the UK and learn from other countries how these can be improved. The MPA has given me a wider perspective of public administration on a national and global level. It has helped me to identify some of the key themes that run through public administration and how they affect the organisation I work for and the work I do.

The online learning provides access to all the essential information I have needed for the course and has enabled me to keep up to date with what’s going on. The course has helped me to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to progress in the public sector.