Photo of  Roo Haywood-Smith

Roo Haywood-Smith

Acting Director of College Operations


01392 726508

As part of the College PS Management Group, Roo works for the Director of College Operations on a wide range of College Projects and has managerial responsibility for the Strategy and Security Institute (SSI). In the College she has a particular focus on business development, especially executive education, and future planning for the College.

Roo joined the University in early 2012 to support Sir Paul Newton in the establishment of the Strategy and Security Institute and the development of its flagship MA Applied Security Strategy. In a previous life Roo served in the British Army for nigh-on 15 years serving in Germany for 5 years, flying in Northern Ireland in a counter-terrorism role and as the Management Planner for the then Defence Aviation Safety Centre. Outside HE she has a variety of experience in working on and delivering projects including a sizeable Community Shop and small businesses.