James Harman, BA Pol&Soc with PADA

I have taken enough Q-Step modules to qualify for the Proficiency in Applied Data Analysis.

These have definitely been the most interesting, relevant and enjoyable modules that I have done. I learned how to interpret the empirical papers for my literature review and how to conduct the survey and secondary data analysis which are the core of my thesis.

Q-Step also supported me with a bursary to attend the University of Essex's Summer School. Best of all, thanks to the skills and experience gained, I have been accepted into the Government Social Research Service. My involvement with Q-Step has made the difference between a good degree and a great degree.

James Harman, BA Politics and Sociology with Proficiency in Applied Data Analysis


Students enrolled on our Q-Step BSc programmes and the Proficiency in Applied Data Analysis will be given the opportunity to undertake a work placement with one of our industry partners.

Work placements students will also receive a bursary of up to £2,000 to support them during the placement.

The work placement is designed to give you an opportunity to put in to practice the skills that you are learning on your programme. A work placement will allow you to get hands-on analysis experience for a period of 2 to 11 weeks.

There are wide variety of placements to choose from locally, nationally and in Europe with a variety of public sector organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and industry.

What you do during your work placement will depend or the individual business or organisation that you undertake your experience with; however, it will give you an opportunity to put in to practice the skills that you have gained during your programme. It will provide you with an opportunity to see data analysis tools and techniques being used in the real world. You will have a choice of where you undertake your placement but some of the most popular placements may be subject to competitive selection processes.

We believe that work placements give students invaluable experience of the professional world; allowing them to build networks and utilise analytical skills learnt in the classroom in ways that would not otherwise be possible. But don’t just take our word for it! See what the students and organisations themselves say about Exeter’s Q-Step placements.

Contact Hannah Murdock, Work Placements Officer for more information about Q-Step placements and how to get involved.

In my opinion, the work placement module is an absolutely essential part of the degree. I was given a chance to be a part of various stages of the process of research: starting from attending training sessions along with the other employees on how to write research proposals, finishing with using SPSS to analyse the data that was received from another department. Being able to see the process of research from start to end made it clear to me where I wanted my career to head. The experience was life changing and I am now hoping to apply for a graduate scheme at the company. I believe everybody who is given the opportunity should take this module.


Valeriya Titkova
BSc (Hons) Sociology with Proficiency in German (2017)
Placement: Research Executive at Kantar Public

The two placements I completed with Devon and Cornwall Police allowed me to apply my data analysis skills to interesting real life situations. I was given genuine responsibility and great guidance, as well as flexibility in shaping the work I did, the staff at DCP made me feel needed and like I was making a genuine contribution which is really satisfying. The feedback I was given gave me greater confidence within the academic world as well as in seeking future placements and employment. The skills and experience you gain make a great boost to your CV, without the hassle of gaining a placement through more conventional application processes. Having access to the Q-Step bursary made a great incentive as well as making it feasible financially. I would thoroughly recommend taking part in this program.

Alex Redwood
BSc Politics and International Relations (2018)
Placement: Data Analyst at Devon and Cornwall Police