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22 January 202010:30

CRPR Seminar Series: Dr. Allan Butler

This seminar explores the implications that the study of complex systems has for economics and policy evaluations. Complex system cut across the social sciences but the focus on economics is particularly interesting as it challenges some of its fundamental assumptions. This in turn can lead to differing approaches to policy evaluation that complements rather than competes with existing models. Therefore, the purpose of this seminar is to demonstrate how complexity thinking can enrich approaches that economists use when evaluating policy. Allan is an experienced economist and researcher. Intellectually, he is interested in understanding how complexity systems function and their influence on economic thought. He currently works as a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Royal Agricultural University, and has previously worked as a researcher fellow at the University of Exeter and Scottish Rural College.. Full details
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19 February 202010:30

CRPR Seminar Series: Dr. Kaley Hart

The UK’s planned withdrawal from the European Union (EU) and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) provides an unparalleled opportunity to rethink and experiment with farming and land use policy design in a way that addresses the scale of the environmental and climate challenges. This seminar will consider the range of pathways being contemplated by the four UK administrations – from the removal of direct payments in England and Wales in favour of public goods oriented (England) and sustainability focussed (Wales) policies and the more conservative options under consideration in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It will investigate the issues currently under discussion and consider the implications of diversity and experimentation in policy design and implementation in this post Brexit era.. Full details
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4 March 202010:30

CRPR Seminar Series: Prof. Michael Carolan

This seminar engages with two rich but largely disparate research traditions: one looks at ethical consumption, that is, constructions and contestations around good food, while the other interrogates the equally contested space of what it means to be a good farmer. The argument is informed by qualitative data collected from, on the one hand, those engaged in shaping urban food policy and institutional procurement plans in Denver, Colorado, and, on the other hand, rural Colorado farmers and ranchers who supply out-of-state markets. Given the growing appeal of locally sourced food from smaller scale producers utilizing certain so-called ethical management practices (resulting in, e.g. cage-free chickens, organic food, and grass-fed beef), the seminar asks, “how are particular markers of good food,” which I show to be commonly held in urban foodscapes, “understood by rural producers?,” and “how do these constructions play into their conceptions of what it means to be a good farmer?”. Full details
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4 March 202015:30

SPA Seminar Series - Professor Michael Carolan

Professor Carolan is a Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Affairs for the College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University. His areas of expertise include environmental and agricultural law and policy, environmental sociology, the sociology of food systems and agriculture, economic sociology, and the sociology of technology and scientific knowledge. Full details
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18 March 202010:30

CRPR Seminar Series: Made Setiawan and Janet Sawyer

Janet Sawyer is the Founder and Executive Chair of Littlepod. Made Setiawan is an Forest Agroecologist, Entrepreneur, and Senior Lecturer at the School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University Udayana, Indonesia.. Full details
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