Research projects

At any one time the Centre is engaged in a number of different funded research projects.

Current projects

ContactProject TitleSponsorFunding Awarded to ExeterTotal FundingDuration
Professor Matt Lobley NFU Mutual Farm and Rural Succession NFUM £57,919   2017-2018
Professor Michael Winter Nuffield Farming Lecture scholarship: How does the UK farmer deliver to the UK food culture(s) of 2030?  Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust  £15,000   2017-2018
Professor Michael Winter Demonstration Test Catchment project (Phase 2 - Extension) Defra £9,154   2017-2017
Professor Matt Lobley Systems Change - Towards a Circular Economy EPSRC £38,661   2016-2018
Dr Angela Cassidy Managing bovine TB in the UK: a disease at the intersections of the human, owned and wild Wellcome Trust £61,403 £179,911 2016-2017
Professor Michael Winter SUSTAINable Intensification Network - SUSTAIN BBSRC £6,810   2016-2017
Professor Michael Winter or Professor Matt Lobley Environmental Effectiveness of the HLS Stewardship Scheme, resurvey Natural England via NERC CEH  £161,770   2015-2017
Professor Michael Winter Valuing Nature NERC CEH £51,803   2014-2019
Professor Michael Winter or Professor Matt Lobley Sustainable Intensification Platform 2 (led by Exeter) Defra  £791,368  £1,990,335 2013-2016
Professor Michael Winter or Associate Professor Matt Lobley Sustainable Intensification Platform 1 (led by NIAB) Defra  £31,867 £1,990.335 2013-2016
Professor Michael Winter Sustainable Rural Futures Research Programme Devon County Council £705,029 --- 2009-2016
Dr Matt Lobley Entry to and exit from farming: implications for the well-being of farm household members in the South West Griff Davies Legacy      Ongoing

Recently completed projects

Professor Matt Lobley or Professor Michael Winter The viability of the UK family farm The Prince's Countryside Fund 2015-2016
Dr Emma Pilgrim Determining the impact of forest gardens on raspberry production Daphne Jackson Trust 2014-2016 
Dr Tim Wilkinson Exploring biodiversity values in the Somerset Levels with 'ecological entrepreneurs. NERC
Dr Cheryl Willis Determing the impacts of harmful algal blooms (HABs) on cultural ecosystem services and human well-being NERC 2016
Dr Rob Fish Accelerating the policy and practice impact of a NERC public dialogue on ecosystem services NERC 2014-2015 
Dr Rob Fish Catchment Sensitive Farming Motivations Environment Agency 2013-2014
Dr Matt Lobley Evaluation of the Family Business Growth Programme as part of the Rural Growth Network Defra 2013-2014
Dr Rob Fish Marine Cultural Ecosystem Services (VALMER) University of Plymouth/Cornwall County Council 2013-2014
Professor Michael Winter Pathways into Policy: Developing understanding of the biosecurity governance implications of different trajectories of tree disease introductions and spread through internatonal knowledge exchange Defra 2013
Dr Matt Lobley Monitoring the Brue Valley Living Landscape Landowner Advisory Service Somerset Wildlife Trust 2013
Dr Matt Lobley Evaluation of the Family Business Growth Programme as part of the Rural Growth Network Defra 2013-2014
Dr Rob Fish Cultural ecosystem case studies World Conservation Monitoring Centre 2012-2013
Dr Matt Lobley Making land available for woodland creation Forestry Commission 2011-2012
Professor Michael Winter or Dr Matt Lobley South West Agricultural Resource Management Defra/SWRDA 2012-2013
Dr Rob Fish UK NEA Ecosystem X-Change: A public dialogue project on the character, causes and consequences of environmental change in the UK and their implications for policy development NERC 2013-2014 
Professor Michael Winter or Dr Matt Lobley  Validation of fertiliser manual (RB209) recommendations for grasslands Defra 2011-2014 
Dr Matt Lobley Research to inform the farming help charities  Farm Crisis Network 2011-2014
Dr Rob Fish Development of a UK knowledge exchange network between ecosystems demonstrator projects and their interest groups  Defra 2011-2013
Dr Matt Lobley The impact of social purpose organisations on skills and training in the Okehampton area.  Download Project summary South West Forum 2011-2013
Dr Matt Lobley Making land available for woodland creation Forestry Commission 2011-2012
Professor Michael Winter Processes of technical change in British Agriculture: Innovation in the farming of South West England, 1935-1985 ESRC 2009-2012
Led by Centre for Energy & the Environment Fostering efficient long term supply partnerships (FOREST) University of Exeter 2010-2012
Professor Michael Winter or Dr Matt Lobley Economic impact assessment of Bovine Tuberculosis in the South West NFU 2010
Dr Rob Fish Participatory and deliberative techniques for embedding an ecosystems approach to decision-making Defra 2009-2010
Dr Matt Lobley or Professor Michael Winter Improving the success of agri-environment initiatives: the role of farmer learning and landscape context ESRC/RELU 2006-2011
Dr Claire Dunlop Salience, credibility and legitimacy in knowledge production: the case of Bovine Tuberculosis in the UK British Academy SG-50865 2011

Past projects

Farming to Halves: the hidden history of sharefarming in England from medieval to modern times  ESRC 2006-2007 
Agricultural land tenure in England and Wales  RICS 2006-2007
Socio-economic aspects of local and national organic farming markets Defra 2007-2009
Sustainable and Holistic Food Chains for Recycling Livestock Waste to Land RELU 2005-2008
Social, economic and environmental implications of increasing rural land use under energy crops RELU 2006-2009
The optimisation and impacts of expanding biogas production in the UK Defra 2007-2009
Sustainability, social capital and land use GWR Fellowship 2007-2010
Devon County Council Annual Contract (annual service level agreement to support evidence based policy development) DCC 2007
The longer-term effects on farm businesses of a bTB breakdown Defra 2007
The availability of indicators to support the regional Sustainable Food and Farming Strategy SWCoRE 2007
Economics of Organic Farming (Led by University of Wales, Aberystwyth) Defra 2007
Food production, processing and distribution in Cornwall Objective 1 / Taste of the West 2006
Monitoring the Landscape Heritage Scheme Devon Wildlife Trust 2006
The rationale and potential impact of HFA reform Exmoor National Park Authority 2006
The effects of public funding on farmers' attitudes to diversification Defra, Green Futures: Practical environmental enhancements in the South West's improved grasslands (SW Regional Food and Farming Strategy) 2005-2006
An Economic Impact Assessment of Bovine Tuberculosis in South West England SWRDA  -
Exmoor Annual Contract (annual service level agreement to support evidence based policy development) Exmoor National Park Authority Ongoing
Social implications of changes in the structure of agricultural businesses Defra 2004-2005
Rural Stress Review Rural Stress Information Network 2003-2004
The contribution of organic farming to the rural economy Defra 2003-2005