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Sociology Postgraduate Modules 2018-19

The module details in this section are only applicable to students who studied them between September 2018 and August 2019.

If you wish to look at details for a module you studied in an earlier academic year please see postgraduate modules for other academic years.

If you intend to study one of these modules from September 2019 or later, you may refer to these descriptors as a guide; but please be aware that details they contain – including (but not limited to) reading lists, duration and assessments – may change for your academic year.


The next compiled module list for the September 2019 - August 2020 academic year will be published here in March 2019 (exact date to be confirmed).

Code Module Title Credits Term(s)
SOCM002A Philosophy of the Social Sciences 1 15 2
SOCM002B Philosophy of the Social Sciences 30 2
SOCM013 Independent Study in Sociology and Philosophy 30 2
SOCM016 Cultures of the Life Sciences 30 2
SOCM019 Research Methods in the Social Sciences 15 1
SOCM020 Research Methods in the Social Sciences 30 1
SOCM021 Food Systems, Alternative Food Networks, and Ethical Consumption 30 2
SOCM022 Food, Body and Society 30 1
SOCM023 Social Theory 15 2
SOCM024 Cultural Sociology 30 1
SOCM026 Using Longitudinal Data in Family Policy Studies 15 2
SOCM027 Social Theory 30 2
SOCM028 Policy Analytics: Data Driven Policy Analysis and Evidence Based Decision-making 30 1 and 2
SOCM029 Data Visualisation 15 2
SOCM030 Gender at Work 30 2
SOCM031 Evidence-Based Policing 15 2
SOCM032 Emerging Issues in STS 30 1
SOCM904 Dissertation 60 1, 2 and 3
SOCM945 Philosophy of Science 30 1
SOCM950 Science Technology and Society 30 1