Primary Professional Learning (EDUM034)

0 credits

This non-credit bearing module links with the following two level 7 credit-bearing modules: the Primary Education & Professional Studies module (EPSM000) and the Primary Pathway module (i.e. one of the following modules: Maths, EMAM009; English, EEDM009; Science, ESCM004; Humanities, EHUM009; Modern Languages, EMLM008;  Art, EARM002; Teaching and Learning, EDUM061). It also links with the level 6 non-credit bearing module Primary Curriculum Studies (EDUM033). Successful completion of all four modules leads to the award of Primary PGCE with QTS.

The Primary Professional Learning module consists of a portfolio, the Individual Development Portfolio (IDP) that contains evidence of achieving the Standards required by the National College for Teaching and Learning (NCTL) for recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).