Secondary Physics Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy (EDUM048)

30 credits

Physics challenges common sense thinking, is hugely creative, is concerned with massive and microscopic phenomena, explores concepts that are fundamental to other sciences, and is a vital contributor to problem solving in real world activities such as engineering, energy management, architecture, sport and medicine.  It is therefore an important subject choice in secondary schools.  In this module you will examine a range of approaches to the teaching of this subject from Key Stages 3 – 5 and to ways of helping pupils appreciate the richness of the subject. You will also learn about generic aspects of teaching and learning secondary science, and about approaches used to teach all areas of science (including biology and chemistry) to 11- 14 year old pupils. To take this module, you will normally need to possess a good degree in physics or in a related subject which has a strong physics element, and an A-level in physics.  Ideally you will also possess an A level in at least one other science subject.